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I've never played any RTS games like Cities XL/SimCity/Tropico/etc. This game caught my eye and looked really fun, so I bought it and decided to try it out. I do just fine starting my city, but once I unlock executives, everything goes downhill. I deal with one problem and two more pop up, and pretty soon everything falls apart and I have no choice but to delete my save and start over. The tutorials helped a little, but it's so difficult to manage my city once it reaches a certain size, and I start making tons of mistakes. Can anyone give me a list of tips?
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Vitalicks Aug 27, 2013 @ 5:36am 
My tip for you is:

Play on a map with agriculture, make a lot of it, sell it. usually you get lots of money with it (my case) dont bother going above 10 tokens, the limit money you receive is up to 10 tokens i think.

Dont produce oil, buy it. its cheaper. Same with water. If building power plants for electricity is expensive, buy electricity instead.

Try to have as min. unemployed people as you can, check on the same menu that displays the needs of water, etc. Skilled workers in offices also give huge profit, dont bother going for leisure in the begining.

Cant remember anything else. I'll update if i do.
Vitalicks Aug 27, 2013 @ 5:39am 
Oh! I never take loans. I dunno if its a good option if you dont know what the future will bring.
And if executives kill your budget, you should have seen the elites lol.
They are so needy and everything needs to be close to them, bunch of queens.
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