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Bad performance problem
I have a high-end config and this game has a huge performance problem here. I know the game was programmed incorrectly but is there any way to improve this issue?
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I'll give a shot. Danke schön
also what are your hardware specs and what os are you running

also try stopping all unnecessary application / services
also how big is your city

what are your game settings

try reducing the number of pedestrians, vehicles, ect. while editing your city

the pop. is about 500k, now i'm with a gtx 580, i5 2500k and 4gb ram
performace does start to degrade as the city gets larger

also u only have 4gb of ram can

can u upgrade to 8 gb or at least 6 gb

so that the game can have 4gb and 2 for os and whatever minor stuff you are also running

here is the thing as the city gets larger and more complex obvisouly the game will use more memory and it will require more time to process the city

now the game is 32 bit so it can grow only so much before you get an out of memory error, but you are not close to that, some people have made giant cities with populations over 90m!

but with only 4gb u dont have enough memory most likely for the os, the stuff u are running and the game.

so its probably going to start using the swap file

you can verify this by seeing quite a bit of disk io, in other words your disk light lighting up

also run process explorer or at least resource monitor and see how much memory you are using

think that the os will use 1-2gb
and then you have stuff like steam, ect

and then the game which should most likely be using 1-2 gb

if so u just ran into 4gb

one thing to keep in mind if u do upgrade your memory to 8gb that you will need a 64 bit os!

so if you have windows 32 bit you will also need to upgrade that to windows 64 bit and that is most likely a full install

sucks i know, but it may help

just make sure before you go nuts and verify how much of the swap file is in use, if any and how much memory your applications and services have allocated
well, thanks for the help. I always used 64 bit os, it's been far long i'm that thinking about upgrading my memory. I think the time came hehe
16 gb is less than $100

yes actually a 64 bit os uses more memory since all the pointers are 64 bit, about 33% more memory

so there u have it 8gb or more ok

dont do 6gb since u need more!

yeah it will also help with other games too since more and more hitting that 32 bit space + os and even some 64 bit ones

but before u waste money i want to make sure

how much memory is the game using with the map loaded and giving u trouble

also one way to make it run better is to run the game from ssd or even ram disk

so if u can get 16 gb

put the game on ram disk that loads when windows starts or when u want to play the game

here read this

is may also be value for u to get ssd for both os and for games that u want to run faster because u reduce delays due to disk io

i got cheap 128gb one and 16gb

but even with this it still maybe slow cause of game logic being on a single thread

so how many fps are you getting. sometimes it will get slow after u do number of edits, to get around this save the game manually, exit the game and then run it again, this causes it to be loaded into ram without all the fragmentation caused by edits.
the game is limited to using only 1 core and 4gb of ram maximum. Go over to XL nation to find any performance fixes that will speed up the gameplay. There are a couple.
yes is a great place.

and yes the game is a 32 bit game, like most games, that runs game logic on a single thread, like most games, using an extremely slow interpreted scripting language, like most games.

so as u see its like most other games that we all buy all the time, including latestest games.

its just how games are written

and there is no fix to that

all u can do is get as much memory as the game will use and as fast a cpu/gpu as you can afford and that quickly diminishing returns cause u end up with mostly idel cpu/gpu and framerate still terrible

do things around the edges like run from ssd or even ramdisk

and things like precompile the lua source code into byte code

and like extract the .pak file and run from the file system

but other than that your stuck

and the same is for most games.
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