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Shadow 12 Mar, 2014 às 19:23
Yay or Nay?
I enjoy SimCity4 Deluxe, and was wondering if this is good. I have seen reports online it is inferior to SimCity4 Deluxe, and I am wanting opinions.

What features does this have? What makes it good/bad?
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The doctor is in 12 Mar, 2014 às 21:10 

this is not like simcity

this is more a city builder (editor) and simulator lite

and simcity is more a simulator and city builder lite

go watch some gameplay videos

also check out there u will find just about everything imaginable for it

for features look at store page, its packed full of everything u can want, if if not will have it and more

ignore those reports, different games, so one may appeal to one group but not other. also people have been attacking this game and developers unjustly cause of misunderstanding and hate for the original developers which sold out after they went bankrupt. so its like mindless vendetta...

just check out the images and gameplay and dont forget

also if you are interested in this game wait for upcoming steam spring sale who knows it maybe on sale...
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Guthrie 19 Mar, 2014 às 18:00 
Xlnation seems to be infeceted, at least according to my Anti-Virus, I wouldn't go there.
The doctor is in 19 Mar, 2014 às 19:03 is not infected

it has all green "Excellent" ratings so just check Web of Trust (WoT)
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Kazoom 20 Mar, 2014 às 11:58 
I have enjoyed both games immensely - favoring this game a bit more. This game mostly works fine if you can iron out any bugs you get by following tips/guides. Just save often or you WILL get really sad..
Kylo Ren 27 Mar, 2014 às 18:24 
this game is good i have cities xl 11 and platinum, no bugs or glitches if you have a fast or good pc.
Nay. Series is known for unoptimized games. Even my i5 4670k gets down to 10 fps.
lam.singsing 9 Abr, 2014 às 8:12 
in some way this is a lot better than Simcity.
but in some other ways, it is a little bit worse. (mainly memories leak issues and bugs)
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