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StevieWonder Jul 16, 2014 @ 1:18pm
Cities XL Plat crashes as soon as I hit play.
Renaming directory does nothing and the directory is just recreated and only contains a folder called LOG that is full of error messages that say

[02:34:11] CORE mcCrypto.cpp ( 127) ErrorBuild mcCrypto: ERROR in CryptAcquireContext() with CRYPT_NEWKEYSET() msg:<Object already exists. (Error code = 2148073487)>

On searching this error code all I find is stuff about Adobe Acrobat.

Manually running those 3 files does nothing.

The Dotnetfx.exe that comes with the game does NOT support 64bit OS but the 64bit version is installed default with the win7 OS.
The other 2 files install fine but dont fix the problem.

I have admin and running program as admin does not fix it either.

Disabling firewall / virus scanners does nothing either.

I have over 80 PC games installed on my system and this is the only game that does not work so I would find it hard to believe it is my computer thats the problem.
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The doctor is in Jul 16, 2014 @ 6:20pm 

its not about adobe its about your keystore/account as i originally posted

here is what u have to do

ur not able to access the keystore because u dont have proper user or the keystore is not valid for your user or the keys are not valid for your user

basically all windows on pc make win32 api calls and windows returns standard error codes that anyone can lookup and it will tell them what to do... it does not just happen with adobe it happens with all software that make that call and if win32 api fail they return the code saying why it failed. the code 2148073487 says why u failed and the why says what u have to do... the win32 call is CryptAcquireContext u can look it up and u can look up the error codes and what they mean...
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