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oZanbee Aug 27, 2013 @ 10:57am
Patch Notes 8/28
Patch Notes 8/28
*please note these are subject to change or updated at any time.

1. WOE
A. WoE Start
i. WoE will be scheduled for every Sunday, at 11:00am PDT. 2nd time TBA.
ii. Tax rate changes (0% --> 1.5%)

B. Guild Expert skill
i. Guild skills can be acquired by 'Guild Skill Book', and is also needed to level up the skills. (Have to start from low level, and work the way up step by step)
ii. 'Old ancient document' and 'Simple repair tool' is needed to learn guild skills
-'Old ancient document' can be acquired from Prontera Fortress' field monsters (low drop rate)
-'Simple repair tool' is sold by the Kafra service (that can store your locations)
-If you use a 'Simple repair tool' on an 'Old ancient document', then you can gain a 'Guild skill book'.
iii. Guild skills can be referred here : http://blog.gravityus.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/guild.png

C. WoE Balance
i. BP gains/losses during WoE have been removed.
ii. Unable to recover gateway or castle gate with supplies.
iii. BP will be rewarded according to level of contribution from attacking gates. *You have to be on the map when the gates are destroyed to get the rewards
iv. Monsters in Prontera Fortress will divide rewards based on level of contribution.
v. WoE Kafra path to West Barracks from Prontera Fortress has been fixed.
vi. Unable to set siege item near entrance.
vii. Siege weapon balancing

viii. Emperium Balancing
1. [Base of Power]Half Life
-Name changed to Half & Half
-Effect changes
2. [Base of Advancement Skill] Sacrifice attack of advance
-Effect changes: If you attack target, gates with consuming your own HP, additional damage will increase 200% (total 3 times damage)
ix.Level to register attack has been changed from Lv. 50 to Lv. 10
x. Issue of players able to jump over the first wall is fixed.

2. AOD
A. AoD entrance is in Northeastern Divided Plain
B. You have to first pass COA Hard quest to challenge AoD
i. Lord's Will
1. Start condition: Complete 'The Ultimate Weapon of Alberta'
2. Start/Complete NPC: Heinz Stober/Trade Master Onasis of Alberta (Alberta Merchant Union)
3. Complete: Deliver 'Lord Grupaz's Will' to Trade Master Onasis of Alberta
ii. Exotic Antidote
1. Start Condition: Complete Lord's Will
2. Start/Complete NPC: Trade Master Onasis of Alberta/ Gold Hunter Brigel (Divided Plains)
3. Complete: Deliver the "Nidavellir Antidote' to Gold Hunter Brigel at the Hunter office of the Divided Plains.
iii. Hunter Summon
1. Start condition: Complete ‘Exotic Antidote’
2. Start/Complete NPC: Gold Hunter Brigel / Reidin Kerse (Dawn Peak of the Divided Plains)
3. Complete: Meet Reidin Kerse at Dawn Peak of the Divided Plains.
iv. [Dungeon] Master Hunter's Test
1. Start condition: Complete ‘Hunter Summon’.
2. Start/Complete NPC: Reidin Kerse / Reidin Kerse
3. Complete: Collect 'Victor's Points (III) by clearing the Raid Dungeon 'Abaddon of Despair' in NORMAL Mode and give them to Reidin Kerse.
C. If you clear AoD, you can get 'Victor Points (iii)'
D. Dungeon grader and AoD merchant NPC will show up in Prontera and Alberta.
i.Filomena Marsh: AoD NORMAL shop merchant
ii. Hunter Monica : AoD HARD shop merchant
iii. Hunter Kunibert : AoD dungeon grader

3. Kafra Update
A. Kafra update list
i. Munil's Accessory Random Box VIII
ii. Premium mount box 14 day
iii. New mount
iv. Thief Elixer
removed bomb 99
vi. Mayer Plumberge Random Box

B. Phantom Pyramid
i. 7F Revenge of Hermina will change to Odin’s descended guitar
ii. 3F Fashion mask random box changes to Fashion glasses random box

C. Munil Trade item changes
i. Unable to trade butterfly mask anymore with chance coupons
ii. 10 of chance coupon can be traded to Afro hair (perm 1 slot)
iii. 10 of Mayor Plumberge seed can be traded for tree bark
iv. 10 of tree bark can be traded to Blue Leaf
v. 10 of Blue Leaf can be traded to Mayor Plumberge
vi.100 of Mayor Plumberge can be traded to khara - Mayor Plumberge name tag

D. Set effect of the Month Changes
i. Girl’s beach set effect, Boy’s beach set effect, KAfra with forgetfulness set effect will extend to Sep. 11
ii. Odin’s message set effect will extend to Oct. 10

E. Fusion Table components are added. *more info coming

4. Dungeon
A. COA (H) monsters' Enrage time changed
i. Mini Mongi --> Skill: Enraged Twins --> from 600 to 720
ii. Rat Master Kremp --> Skill: Furious Guillotine Fist ---> from 720 to 840
iii. Golden Robberbug ---> Skill: Final Struggle ---> from 600 to 720

5. Skills
i. Dark Illusion giving "You cannot move to that location error" --> fixed
ii. Shadow Fiend rand 2 not summoning --> fixed
iii. Unable to use Land of Recovery and Deluge at the same time --> fixed
iv. Mark of Death
v. Moonlight Drive
For more bug fixes coming this patch , please refer to this thread : Click here[forums.warpportal.com]

6. System Modification
i. To use skills, you have to get off the mount first.
ii. You cannot enter Colosseum while using Kafra Flight
iii. Guild notice maximum text has been changed to 100 characters

7. Events
i. Mayer Plumberge event
ii. Refinement event Aug 28-Sep 11
iii. Level up incentive package
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Finally a new Assassin Shadow Form
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