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Blackmist Sep 26, 2014 @ 6:38pm
Failed to connect to Patch Servers\ Patch wont go past 15%
So I have been fighting this for 2 days, I played it a few years ago, wanted to get back in, but Everything I try just ends in failure.

I got the game re downloaded 2 nights ago, I got it to laucnh and start patching, but it would not get past 3~13% - I wasn't sure why - just kept saying something about missing a file or some kind of error (didn't wright it down when it came up)

Did some digging on the steam fourms, and saw most people saying that they were missing files for the client as it was, so I did an Integ, check on Ro2 and Found it was missing 15 files (1.0gb) - Given the slowness of the internet i am current on (Century link...) ~ 2 hours passed and it finnished getting the missing 15 files - or so i thought - I started to launch the client and this time around, It would say (Can't connect to patch servers) - Thought maybe something went a miss, and i re-checked the integ of the download once more - only to find out that it was once again missing 15 fils (1.0gb) as if it didnt download and apply the missing files to start with.

So After 4 hours (13.86 kbs ....) it got the files once more, but alas I still have the same issue, Can't connect to patch server..

I Went in to the steam files, and launched the Launcher out side of the WP launcher, to see if i could manage a patch that way - nope, Same issue, -

i checked on WPs website for a Client Patch - didn't see any links under the (Download) Section - Was going to try to just download there Version, but i wasn't willing to wait 8 days for a download. .. (Esp with the downloader they use, you lose your connection or end it for any reasion an it ends resets and ya lose all and any progress (For me at least)

now ive also checked my Fire wall, Ro2 is allowed, - And I did disable my AV/iFire wall just incase - Still no go.

i might do a uninstall\ re install see if that does anything - thou I dont think it would change my connecting issues

any ideas?
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sep 27, 2014 @ 11:04am 
I had the same problem, I just finished downloading and it always stops at 30%
Blackmist Sep 27, 2014 @ 5:41pm 
I got it fixed.

what i did was I went in to the folder Program(86)>steam>steamapps>Common>Ragnarok2>Patch>

inside the patch folder, you'll see 000000144.RTP and Delete it,

soon as I did that, I no longer got the File read error apon binding (around 10%) and it was smooth saleing,

Looked all over the webs and didnt find any solution -

I did have to re-download/install the game to get it to connect to the servers how ever
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