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activa44 2013年5月8日上午11:16
Hi guys. Is there a co-op without putting in it any mod in this game?
Also, is there any mod that keep the original sprites but make it less pixellated?

And... if the co-op is in the game, is it the same of the singleplayer campaign?

Very thanks! Bye :)
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Johnny Law 2013年5月8日上午11:38 
1) Co-op?

Yes. You should take a look at http://www.quaddicted.com/quake/cooperative for instructions.

Note that this just puts multiple players into the same game; it doesn't adjust difficulty or ammo pickups or anything else. If you want fancier co-op behaviors then you'll have to use a mod.

2) Less pixellated?

Yes. If you use GLQuake, or any modern Quake engine, then by default there is some filtering of the textures. You can also choose different texture-filtering modes using console commands. (Some modern Quake engines expose this choice in the UI menus.)

Myself though, I like the pixellated look. With the original Quake pixel art, filtering just kinda makes it look blurry IMO. Although I did think it was pretty neat back in the day. (My monitor resolution was a lot smaller then!)

If you REALLY want to make Quake look different then you might want to play around with a modern Quake engine and new textures. Quake HD ( http://quakeone.com/forums/quake-talk/single-player/7306-quake-hd-new-spawns.html ) is a good attempt at collecting some of the best of those. I still prefer the original look, but I don't think it's blasphemy or anything to experiment with different stuff. :-)

3) Co-op uses the singleplayer campaign content?

Also yes. :-) I think you can play co-op on any of the maps in the original singleplayer campaign, and on most other singleplayer maps that you can find. Quake does not have any special content reserved for co-op. I think the only thing that makes a map "co-op capable" is that it has multiple player-start positions on it, so that players don't squash each other when the map begins.
Very Ape 2013年5月8日上午11:51 
Yeah I use Ryger's texture map pack, Darkplaces, and Reforged Bestiary pack. It's awesome I love it. It makes the game look scarier, more atmospheric, and brooding and dark than the original look IMO. I love this game.
activa44 2013年5月8日下午1:50 
Sorry guys but, do you also know any method or mod to put a modern mouse aiming option?
To look up and down, right and left with the mouse and move with wasd I mean...
Johnny Law 2013年5月8日下午10:23 
Short answer: Enter "+mlook" in the console.

The effect of that is not permanent across game restarts, so (slightly longer answer) you will want to make a file named "autoexec.cfg" in your id1 folder that contains +mlook in it. That way it will be applied every time you start the game.

And finally an even slightly longer answer: this is not a concern with most modern Quake engines. You should probably have a look at this guide (start with the Quick Start section):
And maybe this guide:
最后由 Johnny Law 编辑于; 2013年5月8日下午10:25
Very Ape 2013年5月9日下午3:07 
Darkplaces already has mouse support ready to go when you download it then extract it to your quake dir, it gives you the filtering options you want plus more. Basically it has all the stuff you need to play and control your game like a modern shooter. I have never had to mess with console commands or ini files etc. Never needed to really. But yeah, Darkplaces is a solid source port imo one of the best functioning out there. I find it superiod over winquake and GLquake. Also you don't need ryger's text pack to run it. Your game will look like the orginal, instead of what my game looks like. Try it. Google Darkplaces for Quake.
最后由 Very Ape 编辑于; 2013年5月9日下午3:08
REDACTED 2013年5月9日下午5:10 
Co-op is in the game
go to mutilplayer new game cooperative
activa44 2013年5月10日上午3:20 
Uuuuhm but darkplace is a graphic mod, I still want to play with GLQuake graphics.
Doc 2013年5月10日下午2:00 
i can only play in 320x240 resolution, everything else just looks ugly to me. :D
Very Ape 2013年5月10日下午7:45 
Uuuuhm but darkplace is a graphic mod, I still want to play with GLQuake graphics.

It's not a mod it's a open source port like WInquake and GLquake only better imo. You can play with default graphics with darkplaces, I thought I made that very clear? Anyway, the mods are optional DP plays the game as is.
activa44 2013年5月11日上午4:01 
Ok thanks.
The_Corn_Crib 2013年5月11日下午7:20 
Just use GLQuake and apply a texture filter to smooth out any sharp textures. Filters typically look better on higher resolutions.
Very Ape 2013年5月12日下午3:52 
You get higher resoutions on GLquake, but they aren't in widescreen format such as 16:9 ratio or 16:10. At least the last time I checked anyway, I dunno I could be wrong now. Anyway it's that reason why I use Darkplaces it has 16:9 support and full widescreen. Peace.
Johnny Law 2013年5月12日下午5:20 
FWIW, any of the OpenGL Quake engines (old or new) can use any resolution that your monitor supports. Although for GLQuake you do need version 0.98 if you want to be able to fix your statusbar size/stretch and your FOV.
The_Corn_Crib 2013年5月12日下午5:22 
Don't forget that it doesn't fix your screen size, so the status bar might hide your gun.
Johnny Law 2013年5月12日下午9:49 
If you correct both the statusbar aspect ratio as well as your FOV, it should typically be OK. Good enough for me anyway.

This picture for example is GLQuake 0.98 with a 4:3 aspect ratio, default statusbar, FOV 90:

And this picture is 16:9, corrected statusbar stretch, FOV 106:
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