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How would I run this in DOSbox??
I'm thinking of getting this game. I'm just wondering how to run it in DOSbox.
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Well, you wouldn't. :-) The Steam-provided versions of Quake don't include the original DOS program. The Steam versions of Quake, and the other downloadable Quake engines that are being discussed in recent threads here, are all Windows programs.

(Or, for those downloadable Quake engines, also sometimes Linux or OS X.)

If for some reason you reaaaalllly wanted to run the DOS version... it's doable, and we could discuss how to give it a try, but I doubt that 99% of Quake players would ever want to use the DOS version. You'd have to have some super-hardcore historical/nostalgic reason.
Naposledy upravil Johnny Law; 26. bře. 2013 v 14.23
Does it need some special program to get it running or will it just work on its own?
This probably covers it: http://steamcommunity.com/app/2310/discussions/0/828934089702907532/

(The first 4 Quake engines mentioned there are the ones that you get from Steam.)
Naposledy upravil Johnny Law; 26. bře. 2013 v 14.46
im makeing vid on how to run it
but u can fined some good vids i can get a link for u
In case someone does actually want to play the old DOS version for reasons of nostalgia or whatever, it can be downloaded here[http//ftp] and then run with Dosbox.
When I bought this game, it came with the original DOS version of Quake.exe, and I could run it on DOSBOX. I just mounted my Quake folder in steamapps and played it.
MOUNT C C:\Progra~1\Steam\steama~1\common\quake\
Naposledy upravil The_Corn_Crib; 10. dub. 2013 v 11.50
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