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activa44 Feb 26, 2014 @ 10:19am
Questions about modding.
Hi guys! I just wanna know what are the differences between the darkplaces and the epsilon mod (if there are..) and if I can install them both!

Also, is coop campaign (the singleplayer one I mean) playable with those mods?

And... is there anyway, whitout modding, to put wasd to move and mouse to rotate up-down - right-left the camera and shoot, like modern fps, in other games like Hexen, Heretic, Doom, that I REALLY want to play, but I really can't play them with the basic settings?

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Johnny Law Feb 26, 2014 @ 12:40pm 
All right, buckle up:

DarkPlaces is a Quake engine (program for running Quake, using the game's data files). You can use DarkPlaces to play the original campaign, and optionally change some things about the game behavior and visual effects. By itself though, DarkPlaces doesn't fundamentally change the content of the game.

Quake Epsilon is a bundle of various stuff. It includes (an older version of) DarkPlaces. It also includes some other new user-created content that will override parts of the original game data -- textures/models/sounds/etc. And yeah the Epsilon bundle should work with the original campaign.

FYI the "Ultimate Quake Patch" that you'll see talked about in some threads is basically a bundle of the soundtrack music plus (a really old version of) DarkPlaces.


Personal opinion time:

When it comes to giant bundles of stuff to make Quake look different, IMO Quake HD is the best option. (This is another bundle that includes DarkPlaces, soundtrack, new textures, etc.) It seems to be a little more coherent-looking than Epsilon? But either can be fun to fool around with.

I always end up going back to the original look though, without using any of the new-media bundles. You can use a modern Quake engine to get better handling of things like video resolutions and widescreen, without changing the essential Quake-ness. :-) More about that at http://steamcommunity.com/app/2310/discussions/0/558748566699095923/


About mouselook support: are you asking about mouselook in Quake, or in Doom? In either case, it's supported. If you use a modern Quake engine or Doom engine then there's probably even a menu option for it.

Some other discussion of mouselook in Quake over here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/2310/discussions/0/846940249009711821/#c846940249010630538

For Doom... well if you're using the original DOS Doom that Steam gives you, I think when you launch Doom you're given the choice to launch it with mouse support. I haven't looked at that recently though. In the original Doom you can only use the mouse to look left and right; no looking up and down. If you want full mouselook in Doom you'll have to use a newer Doom engine (like ZDoom).

Probably all of that also applies to other Doom-engine games like Hexen & Heretic. I don't know for sure.
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activa44 Feb 27, 2014 @ 11:07am 
Count that I born playing Quake 3 Arena when I was 4, with my dad.

Now I really want to play all the quake, doom, heretic, and hexen series (also wolfenstein), but I want the best of them about nowadays!

Then a full mouse-support and nice resolution for Quake, for someone that has never play it, what would you reccomend? And what about doom? Is better gzdoom or zdoom?

Also tell me about hexen and heretic!

(btw, if the new textures, sounds, ecc. of the quake bundle is REAAAALLY loyal to the original ones, I would prefer to play it like that, because it's more recent and it's even more playable that way! :D)

Let me know ;)
Johnny Law Feb 27, 2014 @ 10:35pm 
Quake 3 is a good start! :-)

Sooooo, the following guide lists several different programs that you can use to play Quake: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=118401000

If you want to play the singleplayer Quake campaign with good support for modern video modes, but without changing much else, I'd recommend using DirectQ or QuakeSpasm. DirectQ probably has better menus for configuring stuff, while QuakeSpasm can require a bit more fiddling with the config file. However both are great! (Actually all of the Quake engines in that guide are great pieces of work.)

DarkPlaces also has good menus, but it requires more tweaking if you want to get it to look close to the original Quake.

One unfortunate thing is that if you want to get widescreen support looking _exactly_ right, you're going to have to get in and manually mess with the config file, regardless of what Quake engine you're using. The following guide gets into details about Quake configuration, including a section on widescreen support and some sample configurations at the end: http://steamcommunity.com//sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=120426294

...but I'd probably recommend just starting with a Quake engine that has good in-game menus (like DirectQ or DarkPlaces), use the menus to get things as close as possible to the way you like it, and then worry about extra config tweaking later if you really want to.

I would recommend trying Quake with a modern Quake engine but WITHOUT any new textures first. Then later you can check out Quake HD or Quake Epsilon to see the difference.

FYI the Quake screenshots on my profile were taken without using any texture-replacement bundles, and mostly using the QuakeSpasm engine: http://steamcommunity.com/id/jlaw/screenshots/?appid=2310

So that shows what Quake can look like in higher resolutions. However those aren't pictures of places in the original campaign... they're all from user-created addon maps. negke wrote a guide about playing addon maps: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=166554615


Doom is a whole 'nother bunch of typing to do. :-)

Like Quake there are several modern "Doom engines" or "source ports" that you can use to play. I'm not 100% up to speed on all the choices and tradeoffs in Doom-land, but here's my understanding:

- If you want something very close to the original Doom, there are choices like Boom and Chocolate Doom.

- The usual choice if you want some extra niceties like vertical mouselook, and support for some optional gameplay features, is ZDoom.

- GZDoom is a variant of ZDoom that uses OpenGL hardware-accelerated graphics. The main benefit of GZDoom is that you don't get "warping" of the scene when looking far up or down. (Unless you really like the warping!)

I like GZDoom. Some people _don't_ like GZDoom because of lighting and filtering that makes it look different from the original Doom. But with current versions of GZDoom you can get into the menus and change the visuals to look closer to the original Doom. Set the "sector light mode" to "Doom", and set the "texture filter mode" to "none (linear mipmap)".

(One awkward thing about ZDoom and GZDoom is that they have almost TOO MANY menu options... it can be a challenge to find the setting you want to change for some purpose.)

I think that most of the Doom engines can also be used to play Hexen and Heretic, if you have the data files from those games. ZDoom and GZDoom can do it, for sure. The simple way to play a particular game with ZDoom/GZDoom is to get the .wad file for that game (like DOOM2.WAD or HEXEN.WAD) and put that file in the same directory with ZDoom/GZDoom.


That's just a really quick survey of stuff and there's a ton of other information out there on the web. The Quake guides I've posted here on Steam have some links to other websites at the end of each guide. For Doom, I think the main spot is doomworld.com.

If you use the forums at Something Awful, this thread is good: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3420790

Have fun. :-)
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activa44 Feb 28, 2014 @ 5:44am 
Well, I really appreciate your help, but would you accept my friend request maybe to gib together and stuff? I'd really like it, 'cause unforunately I have no friend that want to re-play quake (don't misunderstood me... obviously at the first run I'm going to do it alone).

Btw, count that I really liked the duke nukem 3d megaton port, and I'm actually playing the Shadow Warrior one, and I like them, I think they're very loyal. The effect that I would like to get with Doom, Hexen and Heretic is the same: not the original game, but something modern also if it stays loyal to the original product (that I actually thing, basing on your speech, that it could be gzdoom).

I mean... I consider as I played the original Duke Nukem 3D. I have no played ''mods'' or ''ports'' in my mind: just the game. 'cause it's very close and similar to the old one.

Same thing I can't say about rise of the triad. I've played 2013, and then I haven't played the original one, 'cause it's really different. The Quake fact is a bit closer to this one, but not the same.

I have the original game on steam, then that's QUAKE not a reboot/remake, ok?
My feeling, is that if I mod the original game, the contents are the same, just with a new and fresh graphic engine. So, what do you think is the best for this state of mind?
Johnny Law Mar 1, 2014 @ 1:20pm 
Honestly I only play multiplayer with some local friends these days. The Quake on Steam is the original, yeah, but you can (of course!) do what you like with it. :-) All of the data dump above is just some information that you can use if you want.
activa44 Mar 1, 2014 @ 1:47pm 
But I would prefer an advice from a veteran! :)
activa44 Mar 1, 2014 @ 1:53pm 
Also, do you prefer Doom or Quake? :)

They're... kind of rival in my opinion, also if they're from the same guys.
But the atmosphere is kinda the same... just the first quake is more medieval the futuristic doom style, but with quake 2 they became the same game.. (as gameplay exactly btw).

Could you give me your opinion about this? :)

P.S. Feel free to add me then, 'cause I seriously have no friends that want to install it again, unluckly, and I'd like really so much to have a big fan and a big part of the doom/quake community in my friend list, to play together, and to ask about all the little things of these series!
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activa44 Mar 2, 2014 @ 5:34am 
Ok, I downloaded the darkplacesenginewindows64only20130304.zip file but I don't know how to put it on and if it is the only thing needed to put the sountrack in-game, and modernize all the stuff.

So.. should I put these files in some steam's quake directory? (For sure, but where?)
SmthngWcked Mar 8, 2014 @ 8:57am 
^ I just installed darkplaces the other day. I have a cd version of Quake though. But what I did was, create a folder. I named it DarkplacesQuake (put it whereever you would like the game files to be) and extract the darkplaces files from the zip into that directory. Then create a folder ID1. So your path could be C:\DarkplacesQuake\ID1. Then take these files PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK from your steam directory... quake\ID1 and put them into the new one created in DarkplacesQuake\ID1 and you are good to go!
SmthngWcked Mar 8, 2014 @ 8:59am 
I haven't ventured much futher yet with further addons yet though, been debating a highresolution texture pack, but haven't been able to decide on what to go for. Rygels or Quake HD, or QRP... the in game soundtrack I have no idea how you would get that working. Sorry, I just put my old cd in the tray and it plays.
activa44 Mar 8, 2014 @ 12:42pm 
Yeah I did it some days ago, I putted the darkplaces and it's awesome.

Thanks btw!
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