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Partial Controller Support
its keyboard and mouse. cant find option for controller support?....tut tut....lets hope they patch the game.IT SAYS it on the store?
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T14 Armata Feb 6, 2013 @ 7:05am 
Thanks for the the wish, I'll do it in the next patch.
GreatApe51 Feb 14, 2013 @ 8:41am 
Yeah, contoller support would be nice.
Baraan Apr 2, 2013 @ 8:19am 
I still cannot see any controller support. If it doesn't support controllers, please remove it from the features list, because people feel cheated otherwise. :(
T14 Armata Apr 3, 2013 @ 11:41pm 
now controller supported. sorry for long delay.
Hu$tl3r Sep 13, 2014 @ 4:39am 
I tried to use XBOX 360 controller on linux. Does not really work like expected.
Which controller is supported and how to change the bindings ?
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Showing 1-5 of 5 comments
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DIVO > General Discussions > Topic Details