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Map Editor / MightyScript suggestions (hotkeys, quick-access bar, commands/functions)
I have recently discovered http://ufdada.github.io/wfto-mapeditor/ and will try that out to see if it makes editing any easier, however I still wanted to talk about my thoughts on the current editor and provide some feedback/suggestions/discussion.

1. Hotkeys/bindable keys
I would really like to see defineable hotkeys for the map editor / mightyscript that you can set in the controls menu or define in the option.txt file. (ie. you'd provide a list of strings that we can use in options.txt)
Additionally, having hotkeys to navigate the mightyscript ui would be nice (ie. "m" brings up the MS ui, "s" brings up the script ui once the MS ui is active; "a" adds a new object; "x" deletes the current object; "c" clones the current object, "up arrow/down arrow" moves the objects; etc).

2. Quick-access bar
I would also really like to see a new ui tab in the map editor that allows me to set frequently used tiles (ie. a bunch of blank icons are show; you right click an icon and you can select a tile from a dropdown menu; the chosen tile has its graphical icon replace the blank icon; left click to use the tile). It is really tedious having to switch between multiple tabs to access the one type of tile you are using regularly, thus a quick-access bar would make this a lot easier.
Furthermore, I would like to have hotkeys for these icons (would also apply to the other tabs to help make selecting tiles easier) that correspond to the 1-9 on the keyboard so I don't have to click on them and can quickly access them using keybinds.

3. More commands/functionality to make map editing easier
I compare editing a map to using a graphic editing program to edit/design a graphic - there are some really useful functions in a graphical editing program that help to reduce the time required to complete a project. While there are some really nice functions in WftO, I think there needs to be more.
I have played around with the map editor for about 12 hours now and I believe some intuitive features are missing. These functions would really help in editing maps.

a. Fill Command: Hold ctrl + clicking will fill the space with the selected tile:
This is really helpful but can have disastrous results due to issues with how the editor defines 'fill boundaries'. Sometimes this function will treat diagonally accessible tiles that are the same type as "open" (see figure below), while other times it treats it at closed. When it is treated as 'open', this function then "leaks out" and fills areas that you probably didn't intend to fill. This is a real annoying bug/issue and I hope you fix it to treat diagonal tiles as "closed". Note: graphic editing programs where you try to fill an area treat diagonal connections as closed.

X = Tile A
O = Tile B

XXXO <- This O tile is diagonal to the O tile to the bottom-left of it.
XOOX <- Using the fill command on one of these O tiles may treat the top-right O tile as "accessible", leaking out (as described above).

Therefore, the current workaround is to make sure the fill space has no diagonally accessible tiles.

XXXXO <- This O tile is not diagonally accessible.
XOOXX <- Using the fill command on one of these O tiles will not affect the top-right O as it isn't diagonally accessible.

b. Undo command:
I am unaware if an undo hotkey exists (I have tried the intuitive ctrl+z and z, but those don't do anything). There really needs to be an undo function that has a history (ie. so you can undo / redo multiple times). There have been a few times when I was using the fill command and accidentally filled the wrong tile (or it "leaked out" as described above), resulting in a huge portion of the map filling up with the wrong tile. These occurrences have led to much raging and now I save before I do any fill command (and thus my desire for an undo command!).

c. Copy/Paste/Mirror/Rotate command:
It would be really helpful if you could select tiles and copy/cut them, then use a hotkey/command to paste them. For example, if you design a set of rooms/layout, but then decide it would work better if these rooms were all 1 tile higher... a long sigh followed by manually re-tiling all the rooms/walls to be 1 tile higher. A cut/copy/paste command would make this so much easier.
Also, being able to rotate/flip/mirror a copied selection would be useful (ie. you want to mirror/flip a layout within a quadrant, so the map quadrant mirror tools wouldn't work here).

d. Grid/layout tools:
It would help a ton if you could define a grid size with slightly visible lines to help you when placing/counting/lining-up tiles.
Also if there was a way to add annotations to tiles (that are only visible in the map editor). ie. "This tile is where units spawn with mightyscript"
Another idea is some sort of mark-up overlay (ie. tile highlighting, symbols like stars/circles, etc) that is only visible in the map editor and thus can be used to 'plan a layout' since it doesn't change when a tile is placed down. Currently if you try to plan a layout with a tile type you aren't using on the map (I use sacred earth to plan layouts), then when you start placing the actual layout tiles, you lose the "layout/plan" since there is no overlay. Furthermore, being able to highlight tiles (either individual or groups) would greatly help when using mightyscript (ie. similar to above with the annotation, if you mark a tile with the 'yellow highlight', then you know that tile is important and not to mess with it)
Finally, with the annotation and mark-up overlay, mightyscript should automatically add/highlight any tiles/objects used within a script. (ie. If you define a spot in the world where a party spawns, then mightyscript automatically adds an annotation to that tile "Party ID 1231 spawns here; used in Script ID 5" and then changes the tile to have a coloured hightlight or symbol, thus you as the map maker can see what tiles have scripts attached to them)

e. A sizing tool:
A tool that tells you the x/y/z distance between two tile centers would help greatly when designing rooms/large layouts. (x/y = coordinate distances, z = actual distance)

Example: X = two tiles to measure distance

x-axis = 5 tile distance
y-axis = 3 tile distance
z = 5.83 tile distance (actual distance between X's)

f. Shape tools:
Tools that help you draw shapes (circle/ellipse, ring, box, spline, etc).

g. Multiple save files:
The ability to "save as" so you can have multiple versions of a map (for testing or whatever purpose).

h. Turn off animations/sounds/music:
The beating dungeon heart or the sounds from a manufacturing shrine, to give some examples, ARE REALLY ANNOYING. Also, the music never changes. And a way to disable tile/unit/object animations (ie. when a tile is destroyed/replaced; a shrines gfx; the pulsating effect some objects/defenses have; etc) would help keep me sane.

Thank you for reading. Please post your thoughts.
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