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Enker-Zan Jun 27, 2019 @ 5:48pm
Problems Since Recent Patches
I don't know what you guys did, but there are some things going on that are borderline breaking the game. Here's a list:

1. Units are stuck on auto-attack while in possession mode. Unless I press an option that doesn't involve attacking in some way, the unit will perpetually auto-attack. I don't know why this is doing this, and I hope it's a bug that is getting fixed. If for some reason this is a feature, it needs to die by fire.

2. Imps are prioritizing wall reinforcement over everything else. This is causing a lot of problems with dungeon management and exploration. Wall reinforcement should be dead last on the list of things to do, right now it hinders imps from doing what they need to do in a timely manner. If this is a bug, please fix this soon. If it is not a bug, PLEASE FIX THIS SOON.

3. Unit moods are too fragile and it is breaking the game. Literally 80% of the units in the game are never happy over a long period of time. There is always someone whining about something every 5-10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ seconds. It's not like I'm ordering them to do things against their will, whether I let them do their own thing or not they endlessly complain.

The bigger part of this issue is when you send units into combat. They quickly have needs to be satisfied, and when they don't get what they want, they quickly rebel. And god-forbid you send any units to battle before payday. They will get mad 10x faster missing their pay and rebel against you, all in a span of a minute.

This needs to change. I've lost literally half my army in some scenarios because of this and it's ridiculous. All units need to have their priority timers re-adjusted so they stop complaining when they sandbag themselves in some way or another. Casters like the Cultist and Witch Doctor have another different scenario. They quickly get mad if they are constantly standing around casting heal-type spells if there is a bunch of damaged allies around that haven't gotten to their beds to sleep at base. To fix this, simply make the spell casting a low priority when not in battle.

As for constant mutiny when units are rallied, a couple things to remedy this come to mind.

Allow the Magical Meat spell to restore 5-10% sleep per cast (if it doesn't already), This should eliminate the constant whining of needs not being satisfied while rallied.

When a unit is rallied and payday comes around, instead of getting mad about pay, allow them to get direct deposit instead. That will eliminate the BS mutiny while fighting on the front lines and also prevent any kind of cheesing of payday moods. Now if a unit is busy fighting while not rallied, it's mood meter should be locked until it is done. This way any unit that's busy busting down a door or something doesn't get mad when it sandbags itself.

4. Ally AI can dig through my walls. This is a very annoying problem that needs to end. For some reason the AI constantly keeps sending workers into MY dungeon to dig out MY walls. My OCD dungeon layout offends them or something. One time this actually cost me to lose a game because the SOB dug out my walls from the inside and let the enemy into my dungeon, ♥♥♥♥ traitor.

5. Players need an option to override AI control over tiles. So in conjunction with the traitorous AI digging out my walls, this resulted in it claiming the tile and preventing me from getting my wall back if it was next to its floor. We should be allowed to use the Annex spell and take over Ally AI tiles. Very useful for single player when the AI gets in the way.

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Enker-Zan Jun 27, 2019 @ 5:57pm 
Also I encountered a really bizarre bug when dealing with mutinous units. I don't know if it was specific to the map I played or happens in general... But when I killed the mutinous units, instead of dropping dead, they ran to the middle of the map and started running endless circles. If I locked my dungeon up to where they can't physically go out and run to the middle, the game would mark random parts of my walls blue to be dug by my Imps by itself so they could escape and continue to run laps. I got tired of them running and complaining so I threw them into the portal and it all stopped.
ramboing Jul 2, 2019 @ 5:25am 
Huh. I haven't played for a couple days, but there hasn't been a patch since May 17 according to their page. I haven't encountered those bugs before, though I have encountered quite a few bugs with the map editor that I posted to their bug tracker. I haven't had a problem with most of the issues you posted.

The bug tracker is linked in one of the pinned threads in this forum.

I agree with the ally digging out walls thing. You could probably even post that as a bug on the bug tracker, and the annex ally territory idea.

There are a couple units that seem unhappy all the time, particularly the arcanist. You can sacrifice an arcanist+bafu+pig to get a huntress. Some other creatures seem often unhappy too, like witch doctor.

Whenever I attack, I check the happiness level of my creatures and remove any unhappy ones from my attacking group if I'm attacking with a control group. If I'm attacking with everything, I add unhappy ones to the peace group.

If payday comes up, the attack is over; get those creatures home and reset. I agree the game's handling of payday is a bit annoying.

I also find the game's handling of rebellious creatures very unsatisfying. Sure, if you could just throw them in the torture chamber to fix the problem, it would be too easy... But having them become un-appeasable after they get mad, and just making you kill them - unsatisfying. Do it like Dungeons 3: make unhappy creatures go on strike and just not fight or work until you fulfill their needs.
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ramboing Jul 2, 2019 @ 11:40am 
Oh and here are some creature happiness tips:

-Most creatures will watch the arena periodically to boost their happiness.

-When rapid-fire dropping creatures, keep the hand clear of other creatures on the ground and keep the hand moving so you don't slap creatures and tank their happiness.

-If a succubus gets unhappy, rapid-fire slap to fix, holding shift.

-I think magical meat and feeding a creature a spirit on the spirit chamber pedestal add happiness. Also, I think dropping a creature into the lair or tavern will make it use those rooms and gain happiness.

-If there are enemy bards, put a high priority on taking them. If there are no bards but there are wardens, you can make bards by sacrificing a warden+screecher+pig (get a screecher by sacrificing bafu+shadow+pig). This is a lot of bother and cost, but the bard will boost the happiness of creatures around it, and will beat most other creatures in a 1v1 fight even though he lacks area damage.

If anyone else has happiness tips, I'd be interested to know more.
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Enker-Zan Jul 3, 2019 @ 1:43pm 
All of this was found on a fresh install. I even reinstalled to see if it would fix anything and nope. Like I said before, it didn't matter what I did to manage creature happiness, they still find a way to complain. And I am certain it has to do with their work timers being off. I wanted to know if anyone else has seen these issues and if there was a patch coming for it soon before I submitted these myself to the bug tracker.
nutter666 Jul 4, 2019 @ 2:21pm 
Originally posted by Voss:

As far as I can tell it seems to be a few select units that always get unhappy with no real indication as to why, like ramboing said the arcanist is one of them but I also have issues with the highguards and matriarchs.

The "Elite" Units have higher/more difficult needs so are harder to keep happy. It's a design choice.
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