DOOM II: Hell on Earth
Odamex 0.6.3 Released!
Odamex is a free Doom modification that allows users to join servers for playing Doom with other players over the internet. With so many great enhancements being coded into Odamex for version 0.7, the dev team and community felt it necessary to create a holdover release for the little open source multiplayer engine that could. Odamex 0.6.3 introduces improved ZDoom 1.23b33 compatibility, further improvements to the sound engine, the ability to mute enemies and spectators, and the ability to connect to "DOS" 1.9 servers with Freedoom and Doom 3: BFG Edition's versions of Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 (and vice versa).

You can download Odamex for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX from the home page @

An optional build that includes the experimental "32-bit renderer" slated to be finalized for version 0.7 can be found on the Odamex forums.

Oh and don't forget to join the Steam group for Odamex here:
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I talked Bethesda of the problem that Doom 1,2,3 and quake that have official Linux versions since a long time ago aren't available on steam for Linux. An employee answered me and said he has talked about it to his manager, but I'd better contact Steam also. Ps : Quake 4 also Mac support but not on Steam.
If we want a Linux support for those games that already has one (but not on Steam) everybody should write to Bethesda and Steam support. Here is the Bethesda mail : "ESO English Support" <>
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