DOOM II: Hell on Earth

DOOM II: Hell on Earth

Ronnie42 Apr 28, 2014 @ 11:39am
Doom 1 and 2 mod open world mod's.
This is a project I am working on. Currently Doom 1 is mostly working and is playable. Also have versions of my open world Doom 2 mod.

Also here's gameplay for my Doom 1 mod:

(Requires the original Doom wads to work)
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Jake Apr 28, 2014 @ 11:52am 
Nice work!
Ronnie42 Apr 28, 2014 @ 1:26pm 
Well it's still a work in progress, thanks.
French man Apr 29, 2014 @ 2:47pm 
Very well done.
Antr4cite May 19, 2014 @ 6:57pm 
Congratulations. Great work.

My hopes for Doom 4: randomized openworld mode with a loot system
There used to be a map that was a culmination of all the 1st episode maps into one map (most of the levels were there for a bunch, some used only parts). I forget what it was called but it came out in the 90s. Got into modding doom around 1995 or so.
Thankfully, all the visible line and monsters limits have been expanded. Used to be so limited until this came out as an open-source engine (zdoom, etc).

If you copy-paste level geometry make sure it's lined up to the 64-pixel grid for the ceiling/floor textures to look right, otherwise use the align floor-ceiling-texture to line linetag for the sector the line is facing. Use switches where keys normally are to open doors that otherwise you already have a key for, and also Zdoom supports more than just 3 types of keys. You can use skull keys also, they're usually treated different than keycards.
Using 'lower-unpegged' texture setting on a one-sided line will make it draw from the floor up, instead of from the ceiling down. This can be usefull around doors and also ceiling crushers [obviously with 2-sided lines that helps with texture alignments].
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Ronnie42 May 24, 2014 @ 5:45am 
That's a lot of context to read but I did work on something a long time ago, back then it was just based on the 1st episode and have learnt a lot since then. I tried to keep the game as it once was as much as possible, to avoid bugs as possible.
Originally posted by ronnie42:
That's a lot of context to read but I did work on something a long time ago, back then it was just based on the 1st episode and have learnt a lot since then. I tried to keep the game as it once was as much as possible, to avoid bugs as possible.
Just try to keep your tags properly assigned, and use remote-doors (s1 open door) and tag that line and the appropriate door sector where you were gonna use keys before the level merge. Just make sure that the back of the door has that same switch line duplicated, for multiplayer. Otherwise you're going to get STUCK. Get it working singleplayer and then work on multiplayer.
Make it obvious which way to proceed (a red arrow-shaped sector in the floor, or something similar), and somewhat obvious what 'new switch' does open what door...
You can use zdoom example wads (if you choose to use that engine or it's derivitives, it's a good choice, i used it 7-10 years ago editing), to find a way to print text when you're in the sector infront of the switch that says 'this switch opens the door down the hall from you' or 'this switch opens the door waaaaay on the other side of the map' etc.
I know most of us veteran players that are in our early-to-mid 30s or older now, who played this when we were much younger when it 1st came out would know where to go, but all the COD-kiddies would be totally lost and crying a river if you didn't tell them what part was the trigger, heh. Don't forget texture alignment, it's so easy in doom builder now anyways. No matter how good or fun your level is, if the texture mishaps ruin the immersion factor (i say that with a pinch of salt, doom + immersion don't exactly go hand in hand in 2014 anymore), people will knock on your work especially those who took time to do it 20 years ago (almost) in the editors that were not WYSIWYG / live 3d Rendering.
P.S. If you can find a way to add in some Zdoom/Zandronium type features into this, like deep water or alcoves in the wall that shoot fireballs, it'd keep people from being too 'comfortable' and keep them on thier toes = increased fun-factor.
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Ronnie42 May 28, 2014 @ 2:50pm 
I'll be fair I find the whole setting up doors a tad confusing when they break since they can be inconsistent but adding new features isn't a priority. The thing is back-tracking can be a pain so my focus was mainly to make the game play like a normal Doom game from the start and was trying to avoid too many spawners. Plus adding 'Special features' might make the game unplayable on certain Pc's so I had decided to keep it to a minimum.

Anyway I'd be surprised if CoD kids even know what Doom is but if they did then they probably wouldn't know what a good game Anyway I know about texture aligning so I do experiement if something doesn't look right. If people are worried about dieing then they can just simply save whereever they want but it's pretty funny watching people play it on nightmare mode.
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