Bientôt l'été

Bientôt l'été

oneyeartrip Mar 24, 2013 @ 9:32am
Don't think of this as a game
If you've looked at someo of the other titles by this publisher (Namely the Graveyard) you should know what to expect. This is about lonliness, and connection. The beach adds a little flair of "the Outsider."

The meat of this experience (what is it to be apart from others, and to have very limited communication abilitiy) comes from the coffee shop. Unfortunately, here's the problem - there are so few people playing, and there is no way to know if anyone else is playing, that it seems like waiting is an eternity.

If there was a way to know (and within the space station narrative of the game that could have been put in place) you may be waiting forever, with no one to talk to.

That's the real flaw.

If you're looking for a "game" you've come to the wrong place. If you're looking for a piece of expressive art - well, there might be something here for you. Just hope there are other players, too.
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Colonel Sassacre Apr 5, 2013 @ 3:04am 
Too bad I'm on steam to -play games-. This didn't even go through the greenlighting process...
Evlyn M Apr 6, 2013 @ 3:45pm 
Look at window of the café. If there is light or a red curtain, someone else is playing the game.

Even when not thinking of the game as a game, I still find the experience reptitive and not that much engaging. But that said I was intrigued during my initial exploration of the beach and my first visits at the café. After finding all the chess pieces the experience felt very limited. I mean the experience is not interesting, intriguing or interactie enought to let you loose yourself interacting with it. The apparations are ok, but they are also a let down in their linear repitition. I don't know, everything just feel so limited and the play experience is very linear. It deceptive. I found The Path really more interesting.

I think that games can provide both a gaming experience and a strong artistic, experimental or narrative experience. Just look at the table top storygames, they provide interesting experiences while still being interesting games.

For Bientôt L'été there is also the question of the price tag, I don't know but for 9,99$, considering other indy games set at this price tag, I was expecting someting more or a richer experience. Bientôt l'été was interesting, but it was also a big letdown.

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