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Games keeps crashing on start I won't ask for the money back but I was really hoping to play it. . Shameful disappointment
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Loyfe C eredeti hozzászólása:
There is a fix you might want to try.
- Go to program files in Windows C:
- Find your steam folder
- select steamapps, and then common
- Find Final DOOM
- enter the 'base' folder
-Find the 'dosbox' application and right click
- go to compatability tab, and set compatability mode to windows 98/me
- then, go back to the base folder
- find the DOOM2 application and right click
- you know what to do, set compatability mode to windows 98/me like for dosbox
- run the game from steam, it should work

If this doesen't work, you didnt waste your money. look up 'ZDOOM' in google.
You need to find the 'WAD' files for TNT and Plutonia ( found in ine Final DOOM 'base' folder) and run them with ZDOOM.
It just takes a little looking into, this is an old game. Don't immediately flag it as a waste of money.
Thanks alot will do ASAP.
Loyfe C eredeti hozzászólása:
Don't forget there are many other source ports apart from ZDOOM.
These include: Skulltag, GZDOOM, Doomsday-engine and DOSBOX.
And I appreciate your thanks. I hope everything works out well for you.
Also, zandronum for multiplayer.
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