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Ashes of the Singularity: Classic

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Sakhari Mar 1, 2016 @ 7:21am
Attack-Move Order Issue
So as things stand now, the #3 irritant in this game for me is sketchy Attack-Move behavior. The issue (in 4 easy steps):

1) Select the units/army that I wish to issue an order to.

2) Press 'A' to change the cursor to the yellow attack-move crosshair.

3) Left click to issue the move order.

4) If the mouse is moving during the left-click, the cursor begins to draw a selection box (the normal behavior when holding a left-click) however in attack-move mode, when the cursor is released, the active unit/army is unselected and the cursor is locked in Attack-Move mode until cleared with a right-click.

What I think 'should' happen (the behavior in other RTS's that I'm familiar with) is when the attack-move cursor is selected, the drag-box function is disabled and if the cursor moves while the left-click is being held, the order will be issued to the cursor-point when the click is released.
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