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How to "Complete All Level x Mission"?
So I got most achievements and not one single "Complete All Level x Mission"! :macface: I have no idea how these missions can be completed. I see 3 missions on the levels like "Kill 3 Mobs" ... but Idon't get them. :spaztears:
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TKzip May 3, 2014 @ 6:16am 
I used to think there was a bug in the game regarding missions, until it was pointed out that for some missions (like getting kills with, or killing, certain units like Ricky, Laslo, Moty, etc.) can only be accomplished in multi-player mode. (See this discussion:,

You don't have to play multi-player against other humans, you can play MP with bots. When you start a game, select a MP mode (I prefer Skirmish and CTF). The AI will then spawn "Units" as opposed to only "Mobs". Also, you don't have to complete a mission in a single game. It often takes several games to complete a mission (such as "Kill 25 Sid's"). You will get credit for whatever progress you make in a single game, and continue on the next game.

If you want to reach your missions faster, play versus more opponents. Once you play a few MP vs. AI you find that it's not that difficult, with the right level (Trenches is a good one). Select the "Advanced" tab on the game mode selection screen to choose the number of opponents, difficulty level, etc. I usually play versus 3 or more bot opponents, and use the "Pro" skill level. I'm fairly certain this causes the AI to spawn those harder to get units like Waly, Milo, and Ernie.

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Okay, played Multiplayxer and got my very first "mission completed" ... but this doesn't seem to be enough to get the first achievement.

TKzip May 4, 2014 @ 5:04am 
You're right. There are 39 missions per level, and you can only work towards/complete 3 missions at a time. So, it's going to take some time to get all level 1 mission and move on to level 2. At one time I thought I would never complete all the missions...I'm now on level 5. I hve all the achivements for level 1 - 4 missions. Apparently, there's a bug that doesn't award the "Mission God" achievement when all level 5 missions are completed, so I'm going to wait for the next update before I attempt to complete the remaining missions.
Are the already completed missions saved? Because the achievements menu for these "Complete All Level 1 Mission" achievement does NOT have a progress bar like the other achievements! I feel like playing endlessly and do not get this damned achievement! :toxictitan:
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TKzip May 7, 2014 @ 6:11pm 
As long as the missions are changing, rest assured your progress is tracked. If you make note of the missions before you begin a game, it's very possible to complete all 3 current missions in a single game. I've found that for the "Get x Kills with ____" and "KIll x ___'s" missions, it helps to play MP against 5 bot opponents. (Tip: playing "Skirmish" mode allows both you and enemies to earn cubes more quickly, as you get credit for mob AND unit kills). Don't dominate the playfield too much though. If you're trying to kill Laslo's or Sid's for example, the AI players need enough cubes to spawn them. Sometimes this means sacrificing units to allow the AI to get cubes.

Yeah...A progress indicator would be nice, wouldn't it? I wouldn't have known how many missions there even are except that another player took the time to track and count them.
Well I get missions like "Teleport x Laslos" or "Heal y Flints" .... even though the map does not even have a teleporter or a healing cross! :health:
TKzip May 8, 2014 @ 6:18pm 
No clue as to how that could happen.
Oh man: how could you complete the mission "Kill 1 Wally's" ...? If not by accident, you have to click EACH enemy unit to identify and hope to get a walking Wally before he turns to a wall? :rfacepalm: And this is just the first achievement in this "Complete All Level 1 Missions"??? :toxictitan:
TKzip May 9, 2014 @ 4:57pm 
I think I got the WALYs by playing Trenches. In a 6-player Skirmish (or CTF) game, you can deploy enough units around the level to kill WALYs without much effort. In most cases, I got them without even realizing it until later. It may also help to play on "Pro" difficulty. Not positive, but I think the AI may spawn them more often on the harder modes.
Well, I got it now by accident. This is poor game design. I wonder what further "almost impossible" missions exist. :macface:
SeonR  [developer] May 12, 2014 @ 1:53pm 
Poor game design? We don't think so. It's intentionally difficult. What's the point of making every mission easy? Our missions are setup so that a player that wants to earn them all will need to play a large range of game modes on different maps.

The aim is to complete missions during regular playing, not play just to complete missions.
Well I played all levels with misc levels ... and got no mission achievement! I had to play hours to get the Level 1 missions. This is not fun anymore and therefore I call this poor design. The achievements for Level 2 -5 missions are still missing. Should I play another 100 hours stupidly just to get those achievements? Even in expert mode with 3 opponents, I win most games - bad almost don't proceed in my Level 2 Missions achievement! As you can see in my cubeman 2 screenshots, I also play different levels. This is nothing but pure luck and has nothing to do with gaming skills ... which is what achievements are there for. :rshout:
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SeonR  [developer] May 13, 2014 @ 12:52am 
We can see from our database that thousands of people have completed up to level 5 missions, so I can't explain to you why you seem to be struggling to complete them. Especially at the lower end of the missions.

Unlike an achievement, you need to intentionally set games up to be able to complete missions. For instance, if a mission you are on is Kill 5 Sids, then you need to be playing a game where either the AI or another player is spawning Sids to be able to kill them.

I guess "fun" means different things for different people. Some people don't care about achievements or missions, some people don't care about MP and some people don't care about the level editor.

You not finding it fun doesn't mean it's bad game design :-)
Wurzelzweig [Linux] May 13, 2014 @ 11:30am 
Okay, sorry. I herefore reject the "bad game design". :parachute: I mean that those achievements are damn hard to get, i.e. this takes hours and hours and days to finally get all 3 missions - roughly by accident! - to get the next 3 missions and so on. I don't think that I'm too lame because I already got most other achievements that are much more rare than these missions achievements.

How am I able " to intentionally set games up to be able to complete missions"? :macface:

And another question: I still have levels without "platinum" result despite the fact that I win most games against 3 AI opponents on "Expert" level!??
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TKzip May 14, 2014 @ 10:04am 
I think what is meant by setting up games for completing missions is, take note of the current missions and choose your level/map and game mode that will give you the best chance for success. A couple obvious examples are: if you need a "Heal x ____", it helps to choose a level that has Healing stations. Likewise, if you need to "Teleport x ____" it really helps if the map has Teleporters. To a degree, you can control the units the AI spawns by ensuring they have enough cubes to buy them. Part of this can occur by intentionally sacrificing some more "valuable" units but I've found what really helps, is playing 6 player in a fairly small map. Again, I go back to Trenches as a great example. The AI opponents are going to earn enough cubes just by battling each other that you'll start seeing Moty's, Laslo's and Sid's showing up in no time. You just need to be on the watch for them and then try to kill them before they fall to another AI player.

These missions doesn't take as long as it might seem if you deliberately go after them (though I suppose it depends on your definition of "long"). I went from Level 1 to Level 5 in a couple weeks, just playing a couple hours a day (and not even EVERY day). Granted, I haven't COMPLETED level 5 missions, I'm still in the process, but I'll get there. Have fun with it, and mix things up a bit... Play some new User Levels (and rate them too!); Play different modes...especially Skirmish and CTF. If you're working on "Get x Kills with Ricky's" by all means, play with "Just Rockets".

Regarding earning Platinum... One of the best ways is to have a lot of extra cubes on hand at the conclusion of the game. Keep in mind that you earn more cubes the closer the enemies are to their base when you kill them. After getting a solid defense in place, go on the offensive and attack closer to their base. Also, try to sell units (if Healing isn't an option and they're already at Level 3) and recover some cubes rather than letting them fall to the opponent. On most levels, you can earn far more cubes than you'll need to win. Just because you have 'em, doesn't mean you need to spend 'em. :-) HTH..somewhat.
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