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Victorious☩ Jul 20, 2013 @ 9:41am
this will help you fix the Most common Error's, Crash, Fixes & how to use your old Save file.
Error, Crash & Game issue's
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1. Can't connect to key server?

2. failed to create dIRECT3d device

3. If your Game crash on startup?

4. Can't connect to multiplayer?

5. my game crash while playing a mission.

6. My game won't start

7/8 how to save your savefile and how to use it again.
1. Can't connect to key server?
Solution: Go to your steam folder, it could look like this:
D:\Programmer (x86)\Steam (this is how my look. your may be different but still looks the same in overall)
and then find the application called: Steamservice.exe, You need to be offline (shutdown steam) after that run it as Admin so the command prompt can do it's scripts without getting blocked.
I wont promise that this helps, but it worked for me on MW2 so it's a solution.

2. failed to create dIRECT3d device
update your Diretx drivers should this fail in any attempt, run as admin (you will hurry figure out that the admin control will become your best friend)
always be sure that Windows live and steam has acces through the Ports so it's not blocked or otherwise you will never be enable to connect to the key servers and game servers.

3. If your Game crash on startup?
follow this steps
1. Update all your drivers
- GTX drivers
- directx drivers
- update your C++ applications (those can be found under the games main folders)
- or reinstall windows live for games (had an issue my self with this one)
- you can always if you use windows 7 see what caused the problem by going into: Windows troubleshooting (this will mostly say that the colors of your screen needs to be changed)

4. Can't connect to multiplayer?
The question i'm been asked most.
1. be sure that the application (program) have acces to go through the Ports
2. use the join game /host game to find servers. ( the automatically search tool the game has only find server close to you and not world wide)
3. be sure to complete the game before going online maps and planes are uncloked through the game

5. my game crash while playing a mission.
My favorite question to get, but there is no final solution on this one.
1. if it crash due while in a DFM or ASM, this can mostly be because of a scripting error by the game, just restart the mission and this should do it.
2. if you encounter a Save (autosave) crash after loading, this may happen because when it saved, there happened to much on the same time here is an example: 4 planes getting destroyed in front of you while ground units spawns, so lets say if you died after that it saved this whole big screen which the game sometimes fails to restore due to all the things that happens on the same time. so you need to restart the mission
3. if it crash due to lags or scenes it can be because of framedrop, if you see it lags a lot this may be the reason, because when the game reach a low number of Fps it will crash because it will have to much to load and reload, so maybe consider change your settings.
4. if it crash in a cutscene or while loading your cutscene, you will have to eiter resintall the game or change your settings, there doesn't really exist a solution to fix it. or otherwise leave a comment.
5. This solution can fix many of them above^ make sure you run the same resolution ingame as the one you use on your desktop. example lets say you run 1920x1080 like me then i also use this screen setting in game. (never had problems but some games require this to run like this to avoid crash)

6. My game won't start
there is a solution that helped me out a lot of times.

1. when your game is fully installed and you are ready to play, and then clicks play and it crash, due to a file missing, hmm?
right click on the game in the libary on your steam profile. and then go to properties and verify your game files this saved me a lot of time, so many times.

2. I hate this option but it's required sometimes. reinstall your game.
Controls: many has this problem when you are in DFM and ASM you will hurry see the options Assist wingman (both in ASM and DFM)
those crontrols are set normal to F1. F2, F3 & F4.
The game can use Xbox 360 controller.
and is fully supported. (as far i know)

How to export your save file to a secure location.
We all know this feeling you completed the game and unclocked so many skins and new planes. but so randomly one day you geta virus or need to reboot your PC. or in worst case a friend with an accident messed up your score or save file while you were playing the campign.
No problem we can fix this.
1. you can always put the save file in your steam cloud and here is the smart thing about Ace combat. Thanks Projects Aces! your save file doen't get updated automatically on the steam cloud so while your save file on the PC is messed up you always got your copy on the steam cloud.

2. your save file is hided in this location: Documents/Namco ( this is the option i use and it's the best i think)
then i'm going to documents and right clicks on the Namco Folder and hit's copy. i save my folder on my secound HDD which is not connected to the PC, only when i will put files on it like this. so you always sure you have it. In the next step i will show you how to use your game file and on other PC's

How to use your save file.

And please Read this as i wont hear anything about: i lost my save file and such, Here is the way to use your old save file. and since i'm the one that find out how to do it, i will explain it all.

Let's begin. Let's say you just reinstalled your game on your brand new Pc and dont want to begin all over again. Okay so we got your old save file ( the one with all missions completed and almost everything unclocked) now you want this on your new pc
but before we do that you need to complete the first mission and the prolouge on your new pc. so it creates a new save file. if you put your old save file in the game folder now your game will crash and tell you that the save file doesn't work so please follow this steps.
Okay so now you completed the first mission (nightmare) and the prologue so now you can shut down the game and head to the /namco folder under documents, when you are there you should see 2 files they should look like this: savedata_161409045789376606250 & gfx_settings, now copy the name of the new save file and then go back to your old save file and rename it to the new savefile name. then you can replace the old with the new and when it says overwrite file say yes.
Now you got all your Data back This also works with the GTX setting if you like your setting on your old PC and want it on your new PC just do the same (you dont need to change the name of the gtx file just replace it).
This is made so easy that everyone who reads this should be enable to do it. or otherwise i will make a video later about it.
IF you have the CD version of Ace combat you can't use a savefile from the download version of Ace combat and this works the other way around too.
If you encounter a problem that doesn't appear here. leave a comment below.

- Please respect that i dont want to see this reposted anywhere else since i spended a lot of time making it or otherwise i will just remove it.
and sorry for anybad grammer, wrote all this pretty fast. or otherwise i would never be done.
Remember rating this up so people dont ask for the same things again.
Will keep this up to date as much i can.
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Razordraac Jul 29, 2013 @ 5:03am 
Add this to the list: The exterior camera is locked in a top down view and DFM doesn't work. It's really annoying and I've tried evrything I could (eg. reinstalling, verifying, updating drivers, different controls etc.) but it still does nothing and I have to stay in crappy cockpit view. The lack of DFM also makes dogfights almost impossibly hard. Any help?
Victorious☩ Jul 29, 2013 @ 6:02am 
1. when you unistall your game and then reinstall it most of the old files will still be there, there's an folder called /documents/namco in that map there is a file called gtx_settings try delete that 2. try also go to your steam folder and delete the remaining files that belongs to ACAH. but only if Number 1 doesn't work. 3. run the game as admin from the steam folder and then make sure you use the same Resolution as your desktop example if you run 1920x1080 also run this in the game it may be messing up the game. or try when you are in the game reset it back to default settings. please comment back if it works or not and i may take a closer look.
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