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Vehicle Select Screen question
In the Vehicle Selet screen, above the plane specs, it says DFM/ASM and then to the right it will say DOGFIGHT and AIRSTRIKE. Some planes have DOGFIGHT in blue, some have AIRSTRIKE in red and some have one or both in grey. What does all that mean? I haven't figured it out.
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|x|SiriuS|x| Apr 17, 2014 @ 12:35am 
Basically, there are 3 types of planes:
Fighters - Those will have DFM, and only dogfight weapons as specials.
Multirole - Those have DFM/ASM, and can carry either Air-Air missiles or Air-Ground weaponry.
Attackers - Pure ground assault planes. These have ASM, and Air-Ground specials.
In multiplayer-modes, Attackers can not use DFM if they try to attack planes. (not sure yet if they can still counter DFM, though)

As for the colors, I think it's grey for both (ASM/DFM) red for "Not usable" and blue for "usable".
Meaning what I described above. A plane that has red Airstrike can't be used for ASM/ground assult. Red Dogfight can't initiate DFM/has no or little anti-air weapons.

Keep in mind these are only my observations - some things may not be 100% correct.
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TLEz8H Apr 19, 2014 @ 3:07am 
grey = not usable
red = usable(for air strike mode, ASM)
blue = usable(for dogfight mode, DFM)

all plane can lock and shot missile to ground and air unit
but some plane can go in DFM or ASM

Fighters - have a best fly ability but cant go ASM and less dmg for ground target

Attackers - cant go DFM and cant counter meneuaver, when you under enemy DFM, you can only escape and wait for your team come to help. but attacker have a lot of dmg for all ground and air target

Multirole - can go all DFM and ASM, but less dmg than attacker

some of ground target must go to ASM for lock target, so fighter must shot MG to that target if you want to destroy it
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