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same as it ever was... BUT found a fix.
Let's see if I can get an answer this time as to why I'm getting bounced from every server I try to join after only one internet race completed?

I shelfed this game 3yrs ago for the same reason, out of nowhere I couldn't join a server to save my life!

I'm trying real hard to like this game...let's see if someone can make that a reality.
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Leave a message on the Raceclimb’s Road Report thread. I’ll bump it up for you.
Those people can help you very quickly.

for sure man yer always welcome to wander in for a free drink and a giggle

as for myself i have a thing where the FIRST time i join a server my game immediately crashes

but this happens only once

...most of the "usual crew" are use to game crash issues, and we just put up with it...

you SPECIFIC problem sounds odd

i'm noooo "computer expert"...but i'm stubborn as heck when it comes to playing

so here's my "hunch" (no worries if i'm wrong ..lool..i'm kinda use to that)

you siad "every server"

now did you join empty servers ?

were you looking at your ping ?

as a "fer instance" if i got up 'early" and jumped on during EU "prime time" and visited high ping, full, and active for hours servers i would expect a combination of bad ping and server stress to crash my game repeatedly and exaperatingly

yet on other days i can go out for HOURS and have a blast even at a ping of 200

i hope this is of some help (and i know it ain't much)

but the more you can tell us the more we can help
Ragman Jun 9 @ 6:52pm 
I was able to get back into net races by of all things changing from 4k to 1080p then back to 4k with windowed mode instead. After I made the switches the refresh rate setting box was greyed out and I wasn't getting disconnected from all servers anymore.
That’s really interesting.
Put that info into the build feedback thread if you can.
Handy for the devs to know.
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Wreckfest > General Discussions > Topic Details
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