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A Valley Without Wind 2

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Aiming to hit enemies is very hard?
I've been playing this using a 360 pad and I have no idea how to play the platforming bit when I can't hit the enemies whatsoever. Tips?
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Drake Feb 19, 2013 @ 9:57am 
The combat is all about positioning and using the right spells and classes for the right situations. If you want to practice using them you can enter a tile that's already been purified and fight your way through it wihtout rolling over the turn, then you can see how that class of spells works in that particular biome.

Also if you hold down the Walk key you won't move while aiming diagonally. So you can use that to set up angled shots, like firing down a hill, without wandering into an enemies attacks.
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Paul Debrion Feb 19, 2013 @ 1:52pm 
I guess as far as basics go, if you aren't currently hitting the enemy, either jump and while shooting to adjust or stop shooting, re-position to aim, then start shooting again.
If they come charging at you and you don't think you can kill them before they hit, dodge first, then try to re-position to shoot.

Generally, most enemies that fly really fast can't change direction very quickly while flying fast and tend not to have much health, so if it comes darting towards you then you can treat it a as projectile (meaning, dodge it) to some extent.

If you end up getting a fast melee enemy on top of you and can't shake them very well, jump straight up and shoot down a few times.

If you mess up and an enemy, attack, or projectile is almost on top of you and you want to avoid damage, hit the ammo spell. It's not true for every class, but for most classes the ammo spell is a high caliber AOE on your character that is good for "panic bombing". As such it's often really good for averting damage at the last minute especially if you want to avoid hits enough to gain a concentration bonus. (of course, some of the more exotic mage classes work differently so be sure to check what that spell does before using it this way)

Hope that helps.
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