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A Valley Without Wind 2

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My first impressions
Last night I finally got around to downloading the game and trying it out. I immediately came across a game breaking bug. I realize the game isn't gold yet and so will ignore that little fact for this post. Once I managed to get past that and actually got the game going the way it was supposed to go I actually found myself having quite a bit of fun, but the controls were definitely annoying me.

About the controls, I have no problem with Arcen changing the scheme from the first game, and I have no problem with what they changed it to (after tweaking button setup on my 360 pad). The problem I do have is the fact that as of right now the controls are just...bad. Not the setup, but the actual control. It's strange and hard to explain but something is off. The sensitivity perhaps, I'm not sure. It's unplayable (IMO) with the analog sticks and so I had to use the crappy d-pad, and the keyboard controls were even worse. Hopefully all this will be fixed.

Moving on, the game setup seems extremely simple to me, since I played the first game. I may be wrong since I haven't got very far at all into the game, but it definitely seems dumbed down. The thing is however that I don't really consider "dumbed down" to be a negative if it adds to the fun factor of a game. Time will tell if this is the case with this game.

The jumping animations are pretty bad and I really miss the flipping of the previous game, and the running animations of a couple of the characters was just plain goofy.

The simplification of the skill system is obvious, but not really a bad thing in my mind since in the previous game I pretty much stuck with the same skills through the whole game, only levelling them up when I could.

Love the music and sound, and the look of the game is pretty much exactly what I expected.

All in all, I am cautiously excited about this game since I loved the first one so much. I haven't seen anything yet that I would consider a "deal breaker". My main concern is that I hope they tweak the controls quite a bit, but even if they don't I'm sure I'll learn to deal with it.
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New Update Released: 0.716[www.arcengames.com]

İlk olarak Release Notes tarafından gönderildi:

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to make moves during the tutorial that were incompatible with what the tutorial was telling you to do, resulting in getting stuck.
    • Thanks to madcow for the report.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to move to a tile and build a structure on it on the same turn (NPCs are supposed to be able to either move or act on a given turn). This was making it possible to get stuck in the tutorial.
    • Thanks to Misery for the report.

This has fixed the control issues, I believe. :D If it has not, feel free to go to the main forums or I will tell them if you tell me anything else.

They also fixed the controls a bit for the joypads, which I am happy about. :D
Ah yes, definitely better controls.

A few more notes for you to pass along if you don't mind...(second impressions)

- all buttons are turbo, including jump. This is cool for skills but not so cool for jumping. If I hold the button down a bit too long I don't want my character to automatically jump when they land.
- some enemies shoot a bit too often, and some shoot a bit too rarely, making them more annoying than ( I think ) they should be. Those damn snails can only be hit when getting ready to shoot, but the delay between shots is too long to be bothered with it (just an opinion).
- has been mentioned before but the font is hard to read. It actually gave me a headache last night.
- upon entering some areas an enemy would be extremely close to me and I would get hit. This made me feel a bit cheated by the game.
- I ran into a henchman in a normal area with no warning. I was previously under the impression that they were only in level-up towers. Probably just a false assumption on my part, but possibly a bug.
- some of the enemy shots (especially the light blue ones) are really hard to see against the sky.

loving the game, and thanks for your responses.
From the boss man in another topic on the Official Forum:

İlk olarak x4000 tarafından gönderildi:
Regarding a larger font, generally speaking that's not something we can so without really redesigning all the windows and/or making them not fit on the screen. However, please let me know what areas of the game this actually applies to (there are several fonts at several sizes in the game) and we'll at least look at it.

So tell me some areas and I will relay them back to him. :)
En son MouldyK tarafından düzenlendi; 18 Oca 2013 @ 4:08
ah... the main offender (for me) are the communication windows in the upper left of the screen when someone is telling me something. I guess the dialog box is what it's called. I'm not sure if it's so much the size of the font or the font itself, but for some reason my eyes don't like it. lol. Not a huge deal though, just a suggestion.
I'm using an Xbox 360 gamepad, and pressing in on the left stick pauses the game. Not a common problem for most gamers, but it is funny when I make a quick manuever with the stick... and then accidentally pause the game. Of course, this nullifies whatever input happened after the press... so I usually drop right into the enemy's face.

Not a huge issue, but you better believe I remapped that sucker.
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