A Valley Without Wind 2

A Valley Without Wind 2

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Evil Overlord's Keep keeps repeating
just looking for some advice or help if anyone else ran into this situation. I have this bug where the Evil Overlord's Keep keeps repeating. basically once I get to a certain point the rooms in the keep lead me back to the room with the first short cut. This has meant I am unable to get the level 4 and 5 mage spells ( I am level 15 now) and more importantly I cant finish the game as I cant destroy the oblivion thingy. ( I've destroyed the 2 Stratospheric Citadel)

any help would be appreciated Iv spent about 15 hours with the game and do enjoy it well aside from the afor mentioned game breaking bug
Viimeisin muokkaaja on fitzpanb; 19.4.2013 kello 7.56
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x-4000 (Chris Park)  [kehittäjä] 19.4.2013 kello 8.46 
This is something that we've had one other player get confused about as well -- it's definitely not repeating, you're just going back out the same way you came in, or taking the shortcut back to the start.

In the room you are in, there are two doors and one hatch:
1. The first door is the door you came through, and it goes back to the boss room your were just in.
2. The second door is either way at the top or way at the bottom, and leads further into the keep.
3. The hatch is the same as all the hatches, and provides a convenient way to get back to the start of the keep (it mentions this in the tooltip you get when you walk by it).

Presumably you're coming through door 1, going into the hatch, and then going in this big repeat loop through the rest of the keep. The hatch is a convenience so that you don't have to do a bunch of backtracking, but this one room has confused a couple of people.

Hope that helps!
Hi guys,
I have the same issue.

So, let me explain better:

- I went to the main castle after having levelled up and destroyed all citadels.
- I have to progress a bit and get to the first portal to get to the furthest location in the castle.
- Go all the way up (triple jump)
- Continue, until I get... kind of back :(
- Are you saying that in the last room I should use the portal (where the description reads that it brings me back to the atrium) instead of the main door?

When I say "portal" I mean "vent".

I'm stuck in a continuous loop I must say. No way out...
x-4000 (Chris Park)  [kehittäjä] 22.3.2014 kello 16.50 
I wouldn't _think_ that would be the case, it shouldn't be. But if you want to email your zipped world folder to arcengames at gmail dot com, we can check it out and send you back one if there's an issue, or just mention the solution. But I guess if the door goes back for some reason, try the vent -- that's super odd, though.
Thanks a bundle!

What subject should I use for the email?

Also, I've tried both the vent and the door. No luck :(
x-4000 (Chris Park)  [kehittäjä] 23.3.2014 kello 8.55 
Thanks for the email! I've sent you an updated file back. For reference:

I just went into the overlord's keep, went through the vent that says "go to the furthest part of the game you've been through," and then there was a door right below that vent, a level down. Went through that door, went through a room, went through an outside area, and came to the next boss room. I left you there. I expect you were climbing all the way back up the long room the vent took you to, but that was actually going backwards into the keep.
Thanks a lot again!

Now I can complete the game :)
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