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psykes Feb 22, 2013 @ 8:38am
taking down Aec'Letec the easy way
Forget about all kinds of buffs. Improved Invisibility or just Invisibility (from potions or spells) is the key. Before heading down to the basement, have your mage/mages cast Improved Invisibility on them selves, the rest of the party just needs some potions. Make sure you have memorized loads of fireballs and a few dispells, and at least 3-4 animate dead with your cleric. To the basement! Tracea Carol will not engage dialog with you, because tou are invisible :) Go to the top corner and start casting fireballs at the cultist to the right of her. Now she will initiate dialog... Butt will do nothing else, because your mages are under the improved invisibility spell. You can fireball her, and at least 4 of the cultist from this position. The final 2, at the bottom and to the left of the bottom.. just walk a couple of archers (invisible) to the bottom corner and take them out. During all this, you will remain outside Aec'Letec field of vision (except whem moving the archers), so he won't do a thing. You can even save your game. When all that remains is Aec'Letec, summon 3-4 skeletons and send them in. Move your mages so you can use magic missiles, cast them and move back... wait.. repeat.. and so on. If Aec'Letec gets a shot in on the mages, then use the cleric with dispell to counter.6xmagic missiles = 16.000xp
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Zaayl Aug 19, 2017 @ 6:51pm 
Ive tried every strategy and theory I could find, long discussion threads on beamdogs forums, old baldurs gate boards, none of them were reliable. This random post on steam with no replies from 5 years ago. Worked. Some of the info is a bit off now (The dialogue initiates the moment you walk downstairs, regardless of invisibility) but using haste I got my mages away from her fast enough to avoid Aec'Letec, fireball spammed everyone, then had my entire party bumrush his demonic ♥♥♥ and managed to take him down before he did any real damage or inflicted death gaze on anyone. So thank you, random person who just decided to post this for everyones benefit.
Vinnie Aug 24, 2017 @ 7:51am 
For me it was putting Viconia in front, so she was getting hit by Aec'Letec's immobility spell, while being immune. First clear out the cultists, then use +1 and +2 missiles. Use the stairs to escape, save, and repeat as much as you need. Death Gaze effects can be taken off by the Dispel Magic spell/scroll. I've learnt that after I defeated Aec'Letec, and saved, but Viconia was affected by Death Gaze, which I was unaware of. Dispel Magic worked like a charm.
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Millstone85 Aug 24, 2017 @ 10:37am 
I sent a hiding thief to a corner far from the stairs, then attacked a cultist at range. All the cultists turned hostile and gathered near that corner, but apparently hit an invisible wall, and only their leader was able to harm the thief from there. The thief killed them all at range, starting with the leader, then hid again and walked back to the stairs past the demon.

The party buffed itself with potions of mirrored eyes and death ward spells, to prevent being turned into ghouls, then went downstair. The fight went well.

The characters were max level, though.
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Hereford Aug 24, 2017 @ 12:19pm 
In my most recent playthrough, Aec'Letec decided to just attempt to immobilise my berserker (he was foiled by his ring of free action) and then do nothing other than attack him. No death gazes at all. The only thing I did differently was buff myself before the battle with protection from evil 10' radius and haste, instead of drinking all my potions like I usually did.

So this may be anecdotal, but protection from evil may mess with him
ÄmJii Aug 24, 2017 @ 11:02pm 
Pick cultists off from range and then spam Wand of Paralyze on Aec'Letec until it sticks.
Cheap, but so is Aec'Letec.
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