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Speed Playthrough help (Spoilers)
Can someone outline the bare minimum requirements for beating the game? I'm talking about in-game events that have to happen such as "Leave Candlekeep and see Gorion Die", "Complete the Nashkel Mines" etc. Basically, what needs to be done to open Baldur's Gate and finish the game. If someone that knows the game well could make the shortest list possible, I'd be very happy. Don't worry about gear, team memebers, or leveling up.

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BULLY HUNTER_77 May 22, 2014 @ 1:05pm 
the only way of skipping massive parts of the game is by dimension door glitches which i pretty sure got patched.
best class for speedrun fighter/theif/mage, dont level up, use haste and invis potions. For the final battle use wands of summoning and backstabs.
good luck message me for any help =P

here is a speed run through guide:


Gorions death cut scene ect go friendly arm inn.


Go to Nashkel mines


Starts after you killed Mulahey in the mines, head to Beregost and find
Tranzig or go straight to Larswood (3 Maps East of Candlekeep) and find
the leader of the bandits there. DO NOT ATTACK THEM!! Talk to him and
ask to join them. Tazok will attack you depends on your respond. When
you are in the bandit's camp.. head to the house eastern most and kill
everyone in it except the prisoner. Disarm the trap in the chest and
get the scrolls.


This chapter allows you to enter Cloakwood forest. There are four maps
to go through until you reach the mines. Enter the mine and kill
Daracon in the lowest level. Flood the mine if you wish.


At last.. Baldur's Gate!! You have to cross the bridge before you can
enter BG. Head to Iron Throne HQ highest level and kill everyone then head to the Flaming Fist HQ and talk to Scar. Head out
and talk to Scar again. Then talk to the `commander'. He will give you
a book to enter Candlekeep.


Enter the library and head up to find the leaders of the Iron Throne.
Talk to them but don't fight them (optional). Head up a few level and
you will be accused of murder. When underground, find the way out and
head back to BG.


Go back to the Iron Throne HQ and to the highest level again. Kill
everyone hostile. Take the diary (important!!) and head down to the
entrance of the HQ. Don't go out.. there is a stairs to go down another
level. When down, look for the entrance to the Undercellar `hidden'
from view between the barrels.

After that, there is like a few entrance to choose. Don't panic. Choose
the entrance to the south-west. You will appear under Low Lantern. Kill
the two lovers (detect invisibility is quite important here) and get
the invitation to the palace.

Head to the palace and join the meeting. Kill every doppelganger and
talk to the Duke. Choose the one with the diary and then attack
Sarevok. He will escape and you will be teleported to the Thieves'
Guild. Head down and get out of the maze. You will appear in a city
under BG.. go west and kill the party till you reach the `church'. Go
in and prepare for the FINAL BATTLE. All the best!!!
THANK YOU!!! I have 7 characters that I want to take through the campain as the protagonist to get all the special abilities, but I don't want to put 40 hours into each playthrough. This will help out a ton.
BULLY HUNTER_77 May 22, 2014 @ 2:56pm 
ah I see!
speed running the game 7 times will get boring.
If you only want to do the main quest line the end game is gonna be quite hard each time as youre not gonna have much gear. (And you cant just go on easy mode cause then you only get 50% xp)
but good luck :D
I'm doing a good party full playthrough, an evil party full playthrough, a solo character full playthrough, and 2-3 MP games with friends where I'm not the protagonist. On top of all those games I have going, I'll probably export/import my non-protagonist MP characters into a SP game and burn through it just for the powers.
BULLY HUNTER_77 May 22, 2014 @ 3:31pm 
it seems to me youud have more fun on BG2 than BG1.
Good luck :)
Getting my money's worth in BG1 first, then importing in to BG2, and yes I know I can't import their powers... I like the low xp cap in BG1 though, keeps you from getting too overpowered like you can in BG2.
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