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DosBoss 6/set/2012 às 5:58
Running Source Ports (WIN XP/7) for all ID games (since update)
Ok, so as many of you have realized steam updated all of ID's games to now log time played and enable in game steam community. A side effect of this, is the fact that the old method of running source ports for most games is obsolete.
I'm here to rectify that!

I realize this may seem like a lot of work, but trust me when I say it is MORE than worth it!
(it's not really THAT much effort on your part :P)

So here is a quick tutorial for each game and how to run it's source port!
Let's begin

All the directories for these games can be found at
#:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\

Please make sure before adding source ports that you have downloaded the original files and steam displays the game as 100% ready to play!

Commander Keen

As far as I am aware no source port for this exists, albeit it seems to play fine in DosBox.

Wolfenstein 3D

I recommend you use the source port "Newwolf" this is an OpenGL port of Wolfenstein, download the port
"Here" , keep in mind this port is still in "beta" so to speak, so it does have a few small issues, but for the most part the games run absolutely fine!

Now to use it you MUST put the "basewgl" folder that is included in the above download in the root of wolfenstein's directory alongside "base" (this is because the config file for newwolf will not load unless you do this). after that open the folder "base" and copy the "Newwolf.exe" file inside, then delete "Dosbox.exe" and rename Newwolf.exe to Dosbox.exe, Nearly done,

Now in your base folder select EVERY ".WL6" file and copy them to the wolfenstein 3d folder (alongside the folders "base" and "basegwl")

Spear of Destiny

Now this was a pain in the ♥♥♥!, I wanted to be able to choose between the 3 missions, but with the new way the game is booted this proved impossible, UNTIL I managed to write a simple executable that works alongside a complete file re-structure "urghhh", the program displays a menu asking which mission you want to play, once selected the game boots using Newwolf,

Now, since this requires ALOT of work to do, I have taken the liberty of pre packaging it up for you!
Just download "This" and move all the files into the "base" folder (delete anything else inside first!!!)

Special thanks to "Kevin Fell" for providing the updated version, SOD can now be played start to finish,
(A glitch prevented completion of the game before now),
link updated, enjoy!

I suggest EVERYONE who downloaded it before "2nd April 2012" download the new version IMMEDIATELY!


My source port of choice is GZDoom (OpenGL ZDoom) which can be obtained "Here" once you have the GZdoom executable inside the game folder, delete "Dosbox.exe" and rename GZdoom.exe to Dosbox.exe

To select between TNT and Plutonia (FINAL Doom) when you first open gzdoom a menu appears asking which wad to use, in most cases you would tick "Don't show this again" but for final doom you must leave this unticked to select wads.

Master levels requires a .pk3 file to run with gzdoom (Use DOOM2.wad as the main wad),
Grab it "Here". This brings up a menu with all the master levels that you can play through. Put this file in your Master Levels folder .
To run this, please read below.

To launch custom wads/pk3, make sure they are in the same directory as your .exe file, then go into steam right click on your game, go to set launch options and simply enter -file "name.wad". you can use multiple files this way
eg "-file name.wad -file name.pk3 -file name2.wad"

*NOTE - Doom 2 seems to be the only game NOT using this new update >_>, regardless I recommend you change the original exe to gzdoom (renamed dosbox) (just remember to edit the startup .bat files) this way when/if the update comes through you won't need to do anything.

I have since contacted Bethesda regarding this issue

Hexen II

The "Hammer of Thyrion" (uHexen2) port is the best of the lot out there,
get it "Here" Now delete everything in your hexen 2 directory EXCEPT the file "Uninst.isu" and the folder "data1", go into the folder "data1" delete everything inside EXCEPT all the .pak files. then go back to the hexen 2 directory and unzip the source port inside.

To enable MIDI music, Start Hexen 2, go into options, set Music mode to MIDI, restart Hexen 2.

For high quality CD music download the soundtrack "Here", Extract into your hexen 2 folder.
Open hexen 2, go into options, set Music mode to MIDI (yes it will read the mp3 files).
after using these you'll never go back!

Hexen 2 - Portals of Praevus

This mission pack is NOT available on steam, but if you own it you can make it work with the steam version of Hexen 2.
Heres how, insert your portals of praevus CD and navigate to \install\data\portals\ then copy the file "pak3.pak" into your steam hexen 2 folder "\hexen 2\portals\"

Now to have steam ask you whether you want to play Hexen 2 or the mission pack
I have created another executable (same style as my Spear of Destiny frontend)
which you can get "Here",
To use this rename your original "glh2.exe" to "glhex2.exe" (EXTREMELY Important)
then copy my "glh2.exe" into your Hexen 2 folder,
Steam should now ask which game you want to start.

Portals of Praevus high quality cd soundtrack, get it "Here"
Unzip into your hexen 2 directory.
If you have already set your music mode to MIDI, then you do not need to do anything further.


A user by the name of "MenaceInc" has packaged a series of Darkplaces files which includes the soundtracks
(3 separate downloads for Quake and it's Mission Packs)
this can be found "Here"

It would be a good idea to grab the most up to date version of the Darkplaces engine after installing this pack! Get it "Here". copy all files into your quake directory, rename the executable to "GLQuake.exe", this will also automatically work with Quake's mission packs!

*NOTE - There is a bug in mission pack 2 regarding the plasma gun (projectile floats on the spot, instead of firing)
someone has come up with a fix for it luckily, which you may get "Here",

Just copy "progs.dat", (Included in download) into "\quake\rogue\", that's it!

(Special thanks to "OoPpEe" for making the patch)

Quake 2

Mr. MenaceInc has also made a Quake 2 package that utilizes the KMQuake 2 engine, but the engine version used is outdated and seems to cause problems upon trying to update it,

So for optimal performance make sure your quake 2 directory is a clean install,
Get the newest version of KMQuake 2 "Here",
Once unzipped rename Kmquake2.exe to quake2.exe

For the mission packs use "This", Just extract the contents into both the "xatrix" and "rogue" folders,

To enable the AWESOME music in the game, download the soundtrack "Here"
copy the included folder into your Quake 2 directory.
Run quake 2 and make sure "OGG Vorbis music" is enabled under sound options

(I'm really sick of the fact that a lot of steam ID games don't include the music...>_>)

*NOTE - I WAS going to recommend some other more advanced source ports for Quake 2, but they ALL (including the above) suffer from the same 2 problems, when running a mission pack, the in game steam community does not work, as well as several console commands, I have determined this has to do with the way steam boots the executable (as just adding the +set game command to Quake 2 makes them run fine, so until I feel like experimenting a bit, just stick with the above as the music works right off the bat! (It can be a pain in a lot of other source ports >_>)

I have since contacted Bethesda regarding this issue

Well I hope I've helped a lot of you, if you have any troubles feel free to ask, if I'm not on the forums my steam id is "brendanmccann" feel free to add me and ask away!

If any files are no longer available for download please let me know, I will do my best to get them back up ASAP

Have Fun
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Dragonsbrethren 16/set/2012 às 18:42 
It's nice that you copied this over from the old forum, but you didn't actually copy any of the links, which makes it pretty useless.
DosBoss 19/set/2012 às 3:37 
Gah, I thought I did, obsiously uses a different method here, I'll update is when i get the chance, thanks for lettin me know.
Gamephreak5 19/out/2012 às 13:31 
Ah, I remember seeing this thread before in the other forum. Good stuff.

As for Wolf3D source ports, I would suggest using "ECWolf" instead of "NewWolf". Just came out this year and it doesn't suffer from the awful blurriness of NewWolf, plus it's supposed to eventually make the process of making mods more streamlined for Wolf3D since it uses the same format as ZDoom.
DosBoss 21/out/2012 às 3:21 
yes I've been using ECWolf for a little while now, without a doubt the best of the lot!, I'll update the wolf section tonight and fix up this post! cheers guys.
silencer86 17/mar/2013 às 20:02 
This should be sticked.
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