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bizarre colors after alt+enter
Took me awhile but I finally decided to give Steam a try, and it seemed natural to get The Ultimate Doom (got Doom 2 and Final Doom in a bundle, and the Commander Keen bundle as well) and the only issue I'm having is with The Ultimate Doom and returning to full screen.

After doing an alt+tab (or alt+enter) to do whatever, when I return to fulllscreen view after pressing alt+enter the game does return to that screen size, but the colors become all weird looking. The game still plays and some of the bad color goes away after a minute or two but the rest remains. Exiting full screen view makes everything return to normal but in the smaller window.

It is the only game it happens to. The other Doom games mentioned above (as well as Commander Keen 1, haven't tried the other ones yet but I'd like to believe the same is true) I can go in and out of full screen mode and not have any display issues.

I did see the 'Getting the best out of Ultimate Doom' guide but that wasn't able to solve the problem (the guide is well written though).

Is there a way to prevent this from happening other than not tabbing out?
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Use a modern source port instead of DOSBox with Doom (Original DOS version) mapped to it's video surface.

You may be able to resolve it by changing the surface DOSBox uses to render to: ddraw, opengl, surface, or something else. Alternatively just use a modern Source Port of the Doom Engine.

Most people would suggest one that is compiled for Windows 32-bit or greater with real OpenGL 3D rendering for starters.

I heartily suggest DoomsDay Engine, as it has less issues than GZDoom (which has not been updated for current hardware since 14th April 2010.

You can download the DoomsDay Engine from: and also from via

FYI: I'm the programmer for a new project called Open TeamPlay, which will ultimately make all this a lot easier for everyone. It hosted at:
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Thank you, I'll give it a try.
Try this to make it easy:
- You can copy in the DOOM, or DOOM 2, IWAD to the PrBoom folder.
- It has a 'Open Folder' button in the top right corner.

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