The Ultimate DOOM

The Ultimate DOOM

Ibitato May 2, 2014 @ 11:59pm
Windows 8/7/Vista dosbox settings -- see inside if you have issues
Hello there
Basically :
  • we change soutput to ddraw so it works better on modern systems

  • we change the render to a better quality one

  • we correct aspect ratio sowe get a 4:3 screen with better looks

  • we modify sound settings so we avoid micro cuts and improve sound and music a lot
  • How to change key bindings on game without any weird stuff

ultimate.conf and ultimatem.conf
[sdl] fullscreen=true fulldouble=true fullresolution=original windowresolution=original output=ddraw autolock=true sensitivity=100 waitonerror=true priority=higher,normal mapperfile=mapper.txt usescancodes=true [dosbox] language= machine=vga captures=capture memsize=16 [render] frameskip=0 aspect=true scaler=hq3x [cpu] core=auto cycles=auto cycleup=500 cycledown=20 [mixer] nosound=false rate=22050 blocksize=2048 prebuffer=10 [midi] mpu401=intelligent device=default config= [sblaster] sbtype=sb16 sbbase=220 irq=7 dma=1 hdma=5 mixer=true oplmode=auto oplrate=22050 [gus] gus=true gusrate=22050 gusbase=240 irq1=5 irq2=5 dma1=3 dma2=3 ultradir=C:ULTRASND [speaker] pcspeaker=true pcrate=22050 tandy=auto tandyrate=22050 disney=true [joystick] joysticktype=auto timed=true autofire=false swap34=false buttonwrap=true [serial] serial1=dummy serial2=dummy serial3=disabled serial4=disabled [dos] xms=true ems=true umb=true keyboardlayout=none [ipx] ipx=false [autoexec] mount c .\base c: doom.exe -config MOUSE.CFG exit

mouse_sensitivity 5 sfx_volume 15 music_volume 10 show_messages 1 key_right 77 key_left 75 key_up 17 key_down 31 key_strafeleft 30 key_straferight 32 key_fire 29 key_use 57 key_strafe 56 key_speed 54 use_mouse 1 mouseb_fire 0 mouseb_strafe 1 mouseb_forward 2 use_joystick 0 joyb_fire 0 joyb_strafe 1 joyb_use 3 joyb_speed 2 screenblocks 10 detaillevel 0 snd_channels 8 snd_musicdevice 8 snd_sfxdevice 3 snd_sbport 544 snd_sbirq 7 snd_sbdma 1 snd_mport 816 usegamma 0 chatmacro0 "no macro" chatmacro1 "no macro" chatmacro2 "no macro" chatmacro3 "no macro" chatmacro4 "no macro" chatmacro5 "no macro" chatmacro6 "no macro" chatmacro7 "no macro" chatmacro8 "no macro" chatmacro9 "no macro"

to redefine key bindings
lets say you want to fire with shift instead of control
  • IN GAME, Press control + f1

  • click on control with the mouse

  • click on add with the mouse

  • press shift key on keyboard

  • click on save

  • click on exit

  • done , key rebinded
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