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"The vanilla Doom Ultra-Violence Max-kill pistol start challenge"(finished)
This is a little something I did. Link to the playlist here:

The rules are as follows:
-Must play the game on the Steam DOSBox (no source port allowed).
-Must always play on Ultra-Violence difficulty (skill 4 out of 5). Why not Nightmare? Because the game itself advertises it as unfair, and the Id team put it in there as a joke. They didn't think it was actually playable. Turns out it is, but I think I'll pass. Not to mention, since every enemy you kill respaws at random intervals in this mode, getting 100% Kills is absolutely meaningless.
-Must begin every level from a "Pistol start" (= "Spawn" conditions, with 100% Health, 0% Armor, and the Fist, Pistol and 50 bullets as my only weapons). There are two reasons for this rule: first, this is the way the developpers at Id originally playtested the game. Second, it forces me to complete each map using whatever resources it offers and nothing else. The most striking example of the difference this can make is the boss levels, none of which give you the ultimate weapon from their respective episodes with the exception of E4M8.
-Following the compet-n rules, I must get 100% Kills and 100% Secrets in every level (where possible without cheating, otherwise get the maximum amount that can be reached). I try to go for items too, but if I only fail that I'm not redoing it.
-No cheats are allowed, be it the official cheat codes other kinds of cheats. The only exception to this is IDCLEV, which is used to warp to a specific level.
-No saves allowed, ever. This rule prevents the use of save scumming, which is to say beating a level in micro-sections.
-No Gamma correction.
Must complete all 36 of the existing levels in "The Ultimate Doom" while following to the aforementioned ruleset, in the same order as the one in which they would appear when playing normally. This implies three things:
-Cannot skip a level and come back to it later.
-The secret level of a given Episode always follows the level that holds the secret exit; does not follow the boss level.
-Any level that does include a secret exit must be finished by using said secret exit, not the regular one.

-E2M4 to E2M9 (meaning three maps) have slight framerate problems, because I was trying to get my recording software to make the game behave the exact same as it does when not recording. None of them worked, so I gave up after that.
-E2M6, other than marking the end of the framerate issues, also marks the moment from which sound emulation switches from the somewhat limited SoundBlaster option to the much more impressive Gravis Ultrasound.
-From E3M7 onwards, all recordings are official .lmp Doom demo files, meaning I can actually play at the proper Doom framerate and record my already completed playthrough afterwards.
-As a special rule exclusive to E4M2 ("Perfect Hatred"), actual use of the BFG9000 is banned. The reason for this is that many players exploit a weakness in design regarding the placement of the BFG, which I consider a break in consistency as far as progression is concerned.
-Excluding maybe the first few levels, none of these demos particularly qualify as speedruns.

With all that said, enjoy the show!
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We can still use the WASD loadout, right?...
Even a source port like chocolate doom isn't allowed?
I always thought Ultra Violence was the 'normal' mode of the game, but when I watch people play now, they always choose something easier.

With WASD keys instead of the original games defaults, and a mouse with ZERO vertical sensitivity (as Doom permitted mouse movement) the game is MUCH easier than it was back in 1993. (Before the world knew of the WASD keyboard layout).

For those of us with 25G or less Internet plans could you link to timedemo recordings that are ZIP'ed or RAR'ed instead?

This would also be cool to see with Heretic, HeXen, etc. too.

PS: If I did this it would probably be using PrBoom or PrBoom+; which got used as the basis for the iPhone Source Port. It's about as close as you can get to DOOM. It even includes a non-OpenGL software rendering engine in addition to a full 3D OpenGL implementation with texture filtering, etc.
Τελευταία επεξεργασία από Scott (Australia, USA); 29 Μαρ 2014 στις 23:46
Well, I got replies after all. Sorry for the late response.
-EarthCrash: That's fine, I did exactly that myself. A game shouldn't be hard because of bad controls, that's not challenge.
-Kyle07: If you want to do this, you can use anything .lmp compatible.
-Tabris: I still have the .lmps for the later maps, but no internet domain where I could upoad those.
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