The Ultimate DOOM

The Ultimate DOOM

Got a server up called Tabris's Den
See: for server listings.

Just finished episode 1 with the help of about five players.
Skill 5 (3 times faster monster movement and shooting) but without respawning.

Was still a challenge, as it wasn't made for TCP/IP UDP/IP gameplay, so the pink demons kinda teleport around as they charge you at warp 10.

Was a good game.

I'll see if I can lower it to skill 4 and set the map to e1m1 again.
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Weird thing is, I have no idea how I got it to be skill 5.

server-game-skill 5 gives warning
0 <= server-game-skill <= 4

So it has to be set to between 0 and 4 inclusive.

I haven't tried 0 yet though....
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