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Thanks for the Oculus Rift Support
Thank you for providing Oculus Rift Support in this game. It is a real treat. I would like to point out that I am only getting around 30-40 fps with 2 gtx 680s. I have tried lowering the settings but it has no effect on the frame rate. This is what I think is causing my motion sickness in this title. Thanks.
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ColdEquation  [Разработчик] 15 июл. 2013 в 22:27 
Glad you appreciate it! We are developing our next game on the same engine, and plan to spend some of the time saved optimizing it and releasing those updates to Retrovirus as well.
Thank you also, this is the reason I bought it too ( I am a fan of 6DOF ganes too, and there are... none)

I have a complain though : I am running a GTX 690, and with all at max in 1280x800 the start area is at 14 fps !!! (on a dual quad processor machine...) (v synch off.) Disabling AA doesn't do much suprisingly.
This is very very very low ^_^

I hope you can optimise that, i don't know if you support SLI, if you don't please do.

As you know for rifter framerate has to be the closest as possible from 60fps. I can't play it like that and I look forward too.
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... and thank you for giving me a new reason to purchase.
Here's hoping I can get a good framerate running w Rift + Radeon 6690m.
This is precisely what I look for before purchasing any game that professes Rift compatibility. I understand developers get excited to release Rift support and share their vision, but they do harm when they release software that is unoptimized.

Gamers have put up with poor framerates on monitors for a long time in the pursuit of realistic graphics, most consoles consider 30FPS a lofty goal. It isn't as much of an issue when you have a point of reference (i.e. the real world around the monitor). This is not the case with stereoscopic displays such as the Rift. 60FPS is a minimum. We already fight motion sickness due to the lack of translation and other sources. A low frame rate on medium hardware is unacceptable.

I like the game design, and I think the art is well done. The gameplay looks innovative and familiar to one of my favorite games of all time, Descent. However, I'll spend more time watching the posts on this forum than the news page for this game, because that's where the real statistics I need will come from.
I get about 20 FPS. I've got a GTX570 and a i7. If anything I'd like some options for making HUD elements readable (Position + Size). Otherwise this is a pretty good implementation. It's up there with Museum of the Microstar and Minecrift for what I show my friends when I want to give them an idea of what games will be like using the Oculus Rift.
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I have yet to purchase this game, but my rift just recently went into processing and I will be receiving it within the next week or two with any luck. When I do get it, I absolutely will be buying this. Thank you for the rift support, and because of that, you now have MY support. I don't know if I will enjoy your game yet so I cannot speak to that, but just choosing to be a part of this is enough to get my dollars. Thank you!
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I hope you can optimise that, i don't know if you support SLI, if you don't please do.

No, it doesn't support SLI. In fact, since your card runs in SLI by default, that might be causing your issue. I don't know for certain though. Might try running Retrovirus with SLI disabled, and see how it runs.

As to Retrovirus needing SLI support. I don't think it does even though I did at first; not unless you need to run at 120 FPS min or something.

Using 1 GTX 570 (I have 2, but it only uses 1), I sit between 75-90 FPS on a 1920x1080 screen with the graphics settings maxed.
Good advice Migz, but no :((
I just tried that on your advice, I am at 12/14 fps at the start of the game.
Nvidia Control panel and use 1of2 GPU.

It's funny whatever options i choose (Vsync, FXAA, 100% render, light quality or 1280x800 or 1920x1200 I have the same frame rate :14fps !)
That's pretty a bad way of course...
Which video driver are you using, Olivier?

I use the 314.22 set.
Последний раз отредактировано Migz - DH; 25 июл. 2013 в 6:37
I am using 320.18 on Windows 7. (64)
(sorry for the little late reply)
Try 314.22 and see how it works for you.
this is AMAZING in the rift! thank you!!!
So does anyone actually get decent FPS on the Rift?
I was having an FPS issue as well. 470GTX on the latest drivers. Anyone have any luck with different drivers?
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