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Dr. Alchemy 3 JUN 2013 a las 20:48
What are you going to create?
Post the ideas down here!
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CadenzaDev01  [desarrollador] 3 JUN 2013 a las 22:38 
Here is a fun list of map ideas that never got implemented. These ideas were proposed for various challenge maps and multiplayer maps. This list is a bit raw, just food for thought:

Working Name: Recycling Bin
Modes: Challenge
Description: Survival map or a variation of that.
Larger grinder with a heavy focus on using weapon dynamics to shred enemies in waves
Spawn Closets (close range)
Clean aesthetics gradient to grinder
Switches for wind fields to push enemies into grinder
Orcs Must Die - style gameplay
Killing memes

Working Name: Trench Run
Modes: Challenge
Description: Deathstar here we come! Can the agent survive a gauntlet of death, lasers pew pew!
Forward wind field, enemies, obstacle avoidance
Starfox - style gameplay
Time dilation
Single trench run experience, not looped
Crescendo towards the end with more of a challenge
Red & Green lasers that look more like Star Wars

Working Name: Virus Hunt
Modes: Challenge
Description: Large open world scenario set on one of the un-released districts of the filesystem (commerce, yard, residence). The purpose would be to develop a scenario where you had to defend a central point or go about and clear parts of this large level in the shortest amount of time possible.
Clear an area within the time constraint or beat your previous time
Multiple paths to clear
Fixed number of enemies in the world
If you die you stay dead and you have to restart or your buddies would have to finish
Beltline type map design
Strategy is to pick an approach and optimize killing
‘Terrorist Hunt’

Working Name: Turret Defense
Modes: Challenge
Description: No weapon, waves of enemies, player must use scanning to spot for placed turrets to survive.
Survive as long as you can with ever increasing number and variety of enemies
Stationary and/or placeable turrets
Ability to pickup and move turrets
Possible gameplay spend memory on buying turrets
Turrets have health and can die

Working Name: Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!
Modes: Challenge
Description: Set traps that remotely scan super deadly enemies at the flip of a switch. Gather more enemies in your containment unit and blast them having been weakened by your scan!
Laydown trap, Shoot to stun, capture
Enemies will need to attempt to avoid traps

Working Name: Circuit Race
Modes: Challenge
Description: A collection of various race levels that play on games like Wipeout, Trackmania, etc. for inspiration. Additional levels using turrets as motivators to get you to fly faster.
Circuit race level, laps based on improving time and finding the optimal line
Limit on time to get best score, lapping
Designer placed boost fields, rather than rings. These fields would be placed on the ideal line for the map
Garage/Spec room for picking up designer created pickups
Ability to reset at ANY point
Open up corridor so you can see further down the track to you can anticipate the line better
Spline level design, natural curves
Dedicated server... local/hosted leaderboards

Multiplayer Map Ideas

Working Name: I’m Doing Science!
Modes: Multiplayer
Description: Science & Industry MP mode
Upgrades unlocked only be collecting the charred remains of a virus and bringing it back to oracle in her lab for analysis. Waves of more deadly enemies spawn as you upgrade various components of your agent.

Working Name: Power Core
Modes: Multiplayer
Description: Larger maps, higher boost speeds, players need to hold onto power core for points. Some areas of map give more points when core is held there
Domination variation
Powerball/Murderball - gameplay
One single powercore with a set number of points. If you die, other player starts getting points from that powercore. When powercore runs out of points it respawns in a designer placed location to mix it up.
Points given at a global interval (30 seconds or 1 minute), causing

Working Name: Battle Room
Modes: Multiplayer
Description: Remake the battle/game room scenario from Ender’s Game.

Working Name: Descent back into Descent
Modes: Multiplayer
Description: Remake a map or favorite MP map from Descent as a proof of concept
Global settings for movement similar to Descent
Trichording example
Community Driven
Community map to wet the Descent community’s appetite to create more Decent ‘like’ content.

Working Name: Infect & Purge
Modes: Multiplayer
Description: Plant the bomb, some hacking doors to open alternate paths (cap and hold element) - System infiltrates and defuses viral infection

Working Name: Dogfight
Modes: Multiplayer
Description: High speed jet fighter style combat
Faster ship
Faster less agile missiles ONLY
Constant movement forward
Disable auto leveling by default
Pit stops to activate perks/weapons and repair. Disable auto heal
Disable regen of cycles make it more like ammo pickups
High momentum, inability to turn on a dime (low drag).

Working Name: Retrieve the definitions
Modes: Multiplayer
Description: CTF. Team must take definitions and return the to base

Working Name: Spyware Search and Destroy
Modes: Multiplayer
Description: One player is cloaked permanently as the rest of the players try to find and kill it. (The Hidden)

Working Name: Pong
Modes: Multiplayer
Description: Tennis/pong with physics block/ball - blocks behind you that light up when hit. 1st team to light up all blocks behind opposing player wins
Dragonorder18 5 JUN 2013 a las 10:55 
Those are a heck of a lot of ideas! But since I bought Retrovirus, I'm game for a bunch of them! I've been a decent fan for a good time. If I might ask, I would suggest maps that are special made for Coop play. That's one of my favorite ways to go. Also, thumbs up on the Descent style map! The only thing I thought it missed was secondary weapons from the descent series, but even without, this game's been awesome!
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ham. 7 JUN 2013 a las 20:21 
We need a mod where you're travelling through the human body killing bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, and parasites. It's so obvious. That's what I'm going to get started on anyway. Once I get to grips with the editor.
Aarontu 4 OCT 2013 a las 14:18 
I'd love to see (or someday make) a remake of the first level of Descent, or even the first few levels, but with Retrovirus' engine.

Is it possible to make an Automap mod?
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