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Dead End
I'm on the "Driver" level at the boss battle called "Driven to the brink," and, for the first time in the game, my framerate has dropped to about 2, making the game unplayable. I've tried every possible combination in "video options," but nothing seems to help. I'm running an Alienware with a quad-core at 3.2Gh, 6 gigs of memory, and a GTX 480. Any ideas on how to fix the problem or get past the level somehow? I never use cheats, but I would use one here if one exists. Otherwise, I don't see any way to proceed, and I'm sorely disappointed. The game has been fun up to this point, but this is serious. Edward.
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ColdEquation  [Разработчик] 25 фев. 2013 в 20:26 
Have you checked your CPU and GPU temperatures while playing that section? Also, do extreme setting like 5% scaling help, or is it still around 2 fps even then?
I have water cooling, and my temps are fine. I tried the 5% scaling, and even turned the FOV all the way down to 40, and the framerate is still the same. I've also unchecked V-sync and FXAA and tried very low resolution windowed modes, but nothing seems to make any difference. I've also rebooted several times. What I haven't done is go back to the autosave at the beginning of the battle. The enemies are so overwhelming that I used the quicksave several times after killing a few enemies and when my health was up, and I'm wondering if that would affect the framerate. Edward.

Edit: I guess I should add that the level played fine for the first ten or fifteen minutes before the framerate took a dive. I was up at the top of the chamber on the circular track when it went to hell.
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OK, developers, talk to me. I'm old and not too smart, but I've spent two days trying everything I know, and I'm hopelessly stuck. The framerate starts off fine at the beginning of the level, but takes a dive after ten or fifteen minutes and finally crashes the game. The details in the crash box list "out of system memory" on the top line. Really? I know I've only got six gigs, but Far Cry 3 and Borderlands 2 and everything else has played just fine. Also, if I save and exit the game, when I go back, the framerate is still fubared. I've been praising the game on my favorite gaming forum, and I was really enjoying it, so is there ANYTHING I can do to get past this level? Two more things. Is there any way to delete saved games? And I see a download for a "Retrovirus Trainer" that provides cheats, supposedly. I never cheat, and I'm leary of such stuff, but do you think that might be my only recourse? With unlimited health, maybe I could beat that damned worm before he eats up all my memory. Heh, heh. I'd sure appreciate some help, here. Edward.
ColdEquation  [Разработчик] 27 фев. 2013 в 15:07 
Are you using a 32-bit version of Windows? The 32-bit game only has access to 2 GB due to a .NET limitation. Normally, that's enough for a few levels, but maybe that boss fight allocated more memory than usual. I'll take a look at it in a profiler soon.

You can access the save files through the "Open Savegame Folder" button on the launcher. You can also restart a level by selecting it on the left of the Campaign screen. It will also ask again for the difficultly, so you could drop it to "User" if you want the boss to do less damage.
No, I've got Windows 7 64 bit. I found the save games folder and deleted everything after the start of the level. Thanks for the tip about how to reset the difficulty. I was wondering how to get to the choice. The good news is....I got through the s.o.b. The problem was trying to save during the battle. As long as I restarted at the beginning when I died, the framerate stayed up. It took forever and a lot of tries, but I finally beat it all in one session. Frankly, it was no fun and one of the most irritating boss battles I've ever played. In particular, even after destroying the corrupted driver, (the boss) if you didn't exit the chamber in time and died from the zillions of other enemies, it kicked you all the way back to the beginning. There should be a checkpoint after killing the boss, and he should stay dead. So, anyway, thanks for your replies and advice. I do like the game and am looking forward to the rest of it. Hopefully, I won't have any more problems. Thanks, Edward.
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