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GPU underutilized
I have a 7950 and the usage of the GPU hovers around 50 percent and I don't get 60 fps most of the time. The engine does not take advantage of my GPU which should be giving me a solid 60 fps all day and night. Is this a known issue with the engine or something messing up on my computer? I do not have this problem in any other game at the moment except for AMRA 3 where everyone reports GPU underutilization anyways.

Win 7 HP X64
8GB 2133 RAM
i7 3770k
Gigabyte 7950 WF3 3GB
Asus P8Z77-V Pro
AMD CCC 13.3b3
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I can concur low GPU usage on my Nvidia system as well, so I'm thinking it's an engine issue. The game doesn't have any SLI/crossfire support either, but even on single GPU the game for me varies from 50-75% GPU usage. I get drops to 30FPS and probably average 45-50 at 2560x1440.

Win7 x64
i7 930 @ 4Ghz
GTX 680 2x in SLI
Well it looks like the devs really need to look into this issue as if the people with good GPUs are having complaints over performance I shudder to think what the people on lesser GPUs are experiencing.

I know that these devs are really committed to their game as I owned sol survivor since the beginning and they put so much hard work into it post release. I have confidence this will be fixed and it would be nice to hear from onw of the devs on this issue please!
ColdEquation  [開発者] 2013年3月28日 17時42分 
It sounds like your bottleneck is the CPU. Retrovirus was written in C#, which does not have access to some of the fast math CPU instructions that languages like C++ do (the tradeoff being that C# is much faster to write and maintain, especially for small teams).

It's become a little challenging to measure CPU utilization, due to multicore and hyperthreading. But you can test for this by dropping the resolution and scaling to very low numbers. If your framerate is about the same, then it is certainly the CPU that is being taxed, not the video card.

Also, what area are you recording the framerate on? The main menu's background scene, or somewhere specifically in the game?
My 4.4ghz 3770k is holding me back in Retrovirus? That sounds like horrendously poor optimization and I have confirmed the engine does not use more than 50 percent of my GPU which is clearly a problem and looks like others have the same issue.

I'm talking about the second level in general.

EDIT: I put it in the lowest resolution possible and then in window mode and both had frame rate drops in the depths level. My CPU is @ 4.4ghz and never went over 12% use and my GPU is at 1200mhz core and didn't go over 31% useage and I couldn't hold 60fps in the lowest resolution the game offered or windowed mode taking up less than half of my screen.

This engine is extremely broken and needs to be fixed!
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Ryguy 2013年3月29日 20時04分 
I played with a guy who has an HD 6670 and an Athlon 3.4 GHz something or other. I have a HD 6870 and i3 2120. We were essentially getting the same performance, which was maybe 30 fps in the areas with more enemies. Kind of depressing. It never drops to unplayable for me though, just less enjoyable.
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This topic might be old news due to recent patches, but it came up when I searched for SLI support (which would be great, btw).

In the beginning area of the game, I'm getting 60-85 FPS at 1920x1080. One GPU is running at 100% utilization (obviously, the other GPU is not), and my CPU is running at ~50% utilization on 4 cores.

OS - Windows 7 Home Premium (x64), SP1
Processor - Intel i7-2600K OC @ 4.6GHz
RAM - 4GB G-Skill @2133MHz (F3-17000CL7-2GBXHD)
Motherboard - ASUS P8P67 WS REVOLUTION Rev 1.xx
BIOS - 08.00.10, Feb 2010
GPU - 2x SLI NVIDIA Geforce GTX 570 (EVGA) OC @ 797 MHz Core Clock, 1950 MHz Memory Clock, 1.025V
Video Driver - 314.22 - WHQL
System Drive - Samsung 830 SSD, 256GB, F/W CXM03B1Q
Sound Card - Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium
Sound Driver - 2.17.0008, July 2010
Monitor - Samsung S27B550V @ 1920x1080
Flash 2013年5月5日 21時07分 
Whoa, I'm glad I checked the forums. If the OP's problem still stands I can't pull the trigger on this. Has the problem been fixed?
Flash の投稿を引用:
Whoa, I'm glad I checked the forums. If the OP's problem still stands I can't pull the trigger on this. Has the problem been fixed?

It may not have been a program problem. But, there has been no word on GPU utilization since late March other than my posts on it, and as I wrote above, in the first area, I'm sitting at 100% utilization.
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Flash 2013年5月6日 22時20分 
Thanks Migz, I think I asked you the same question in another post, I just noticed - please feel free to disregard it :)
I didn't have a problem in the first area. It only started to crop up in the second level and beyond. Haven't really played much since because they game is meh IMHO. I really hope they make a Sol Survivor 2 as that game was awesome.

I've completed the first three zones, and I've been sitting at 65-82 FPS throughout so far. It feels very smooth to me.
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