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Michael1990 10/dez/2013 às 11:37
The game wont start
I know there are a ton of people saying the same thing but with me its not the same as with them, with me the game is not crashing nor showing videos nor music nor anything, it simply wont start, i click on start game and i get the splash thing and then the game appear in the windows taskbar but thats it, nothing appears, just the game on the taskbar but nothing else, my desktop is like it was before starting the game but i cant click on anything unless i alt-tab the game, i would prefer if the developer help me with this.
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Narsell 10/dez/2013 às 14:30 
Splash image out when you press the play, but it does not work with an error.

My PCspec
CPU: i7-3770k
GFC: GeForce GTX680-SLI (GeForce 331.93 beta drivers)
Monitor: Dell-U2711 (2560x1440 60Hz)

I have updated to the latest version all direct X, dotNET framework, drivers, etc.

Trouble because it seems have come at any other than me, I want you to fix Correct early.

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Michael1990 10/dez/2013 às 16:35 
Ok, as far as i could understant then yes, i have that problem, the splash screen that says the game name appear and then nothing, only the game sitting on the taskbar (the bottom part of windows where open programs are), and i cant click anything unless i use alt-tab.

I havent tried reinstalling directx or netframework 4 to be honest, the drivers i cant update them because i get a bsod and im stuck with old ones but thats not a problem because i can run most games ive played on my pc, like crysis, silent hill homecoming, metro 2033, gta 4, avp 2010, bioshock 1 & 2, resident evil 5, and many more modern games, but anyway i doubt thats the issue, if it was a drivers problem then maybe the game would crash or look awful but it would start at least.

My pc i admit it, its old, i have a 3gb ram, geforce 7950gx2, my cpu im not really sure the model, the monitor dont really matters, as far as i know; and yes most of those games ive played them on high settings and they work just fine, and the few games that my pc cant really play are alan wake, minecraft with many mods (almost 100), driftopia, and i dont remember any other game, and well some indie games too. But again, i doubt it is a driver or gpu problem, the game would start at least and give me some sort of messed up graphics or black screen or something if it was a problem related to this.
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