Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

Game Crash Please Help
Hello, I'm playing the second encounter episodes. I completed the South American episodes. I defeated the last monster in The Pit level, but when I go to the middle area to complete the level, the game gives an error. What should I do? I verified all files but I still have some problem.

"The application has crashed. Whoops. We can probably fix that. We've generated 2 files, a .mdmp (minidump) and a .rpt (report). The files should be located somewhere in your game directory in SteamApps. Please upload the .mdpm , .rpt and .log files to our bugreporter, located at"
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It's trying to display an error about tampered memory instead of awarding an achievement for completing the episode but something goes wrong and it can't properly print it. It's a part of its "anti-cheat" measures.

Now, I don't know how or why it detects that the memory has been tampered with but it usually shouldn't happen. I can give you three potential solutions to this problem:

1. Make sure that no external application interacts with the game while trying to finish the level. If it still happens, try completing the level from scratch instead of loading a save.

2. Enable cheats using cht_bEnable = 1 in console to make it display an error about cheats instead of memory tampering. But that way it disables every achievement on that save.

3. A more technical method:
Open up Engine.dll from Bin folder with a hex editor or a code editor such as Notepad++ (make a backup if you want to manually restore it later instead of verifying files through Steam).
Find "Achievement '%s' not awared because memory has been tampered with!" string (without quotes) inside of it and then replace "%s" with two random characters, for example "gg".
Then resave the file.
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Disable external utils like OSB, MSI Afterburner etc that intrude into game process. Disable Steam overlay for this game just in case.
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