Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

Archer Jul 27 @ 11:56am
EDITED 29/07/20. Ugh-Zan bug and other sh*t. Check it, devs
1) Me and my friend were playing coop TFE and in the last level boss didn't want to get in the pyramid lol. We only heard his steps but he didn't come =\

2) Sometimes me and my friend had got unsyncronized, and she was running alone with stupid bot (which was me in fact) but the bot wasn't doing same thing as me, as result we were playing together, but not together =\ Also my friend after killing Ugh-Zan in TFE was loaded to TSE, and guess what? Im still was fighting Ugh-Zan! And yeah, she was in TSE with my stupid clone =\

3) Bright Island got no optimization at all! Fps drops to 20 while i can easy play other Serious Sam parts.

4) Disconnects. "Too many bad syncs" it says, as result my friend was tryin to re-loading at least 20 times and switching router type of the Bright Island tryin to kill the last boss. Butthurt!!!!

5) Serious Sam 2 servers also laggy ♥♥♥♥!

6) Very stupid achievements in Revolution version

7) There's no way to play multyplayer with bots except adding split screen

First SS part which really dissapointed me. What a shame
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