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.gro files
Is there a guide anywhere on how to properly pack a .gro file for release? I've tried to release multiple levels but I have gotten feedback saying I need to learn how to pack the .gro file.

Plus, in the newer addons I want to release I have custom music and such. and I need to know how to pack these in but there seems to be no guide anywhere.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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ExTaZzY Aug 29 @ 6:53am 
So, I think this is how it works in Fusion, HD and others, I guess it should work here too (I'm not an expert, It's just how I remember and I hope I'm somewhat right)

Let s say you made a map. You must save it anywhere in content
For example: Content/SeriousSam/Levels/Mylevel/mymap.wld

You now have to create a .ZIP file. ZIP, not RAR, otherwise it won't work
inside that zip file you have to create those folders again Content/SeriousSam/Levels/Mylevel and place the file in there
Now you basically do that with every custom file (weapons, enemies, music etc. and also every custom file used in your maps) you place there
Content/Models/Weapons/Bazooka/Bazooka.mdl etc

And I also think in the Classics editor it has a setting to pack a gro by itself
Revolution comes with RevPacker, located in the Bin folder (also accessible via Revolution Toolkit) but it does something weird with resources that have spaces in their paths.

I can recommend my own GRO packer that works with all classic games and is arguably better for Revolution than RevPacker, though it's only in console form. Instructions on how to use it are on the page; a simple double click on a WLD file for standalone maps.
I will follow this. I start play the game again after years. I only play the levels in the game from first and second encounter. But i really like to replace the no-fight and fight music in the game. I have no idea how to do that, and maybe it is not possible to use mp3 songs, and it maybe need to be converted. I know the Gro-files can be opened by Rar or Zip, which contains lots of files. But i am very unsure which files to change, and think it will be important with a backup of the files, before changing something.
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