Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

Which Serious Sam 1 should I buy?
I want to buy Serious Sam First Encounter and Second Encounter. Which should I buy?
1. Serious Sam
2. Serious Sam HD
3. Serious Sam Classics; Revolution
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MASTAN Jun 29 @ 5:45am 
Buying SSC: Revolution will automaticlaly give you original SS:TFE & SS:TSE and vice versa.
As for original vs HD, it's your choice. HD has better graphics and allow you to play game in Fusion, while originals have directional gravity.
Revolution vs Fusion. Which is the better experience?
Trygger Jul 7 @ 1:54pm 
Revolution = an "Updated Re-release" of Classic First and Second Encounter.

Fusion = an "Updated Re-release"/hub to play HD First Encounter, Second Encounter, and 3.

Revolution has some extra content not in the original classic TFE/TSE like 3 weapons you can find in secrets (GhostBuster which was a cut weapon from development, and the PlasmaThrower and Minelayer from A Seriously Warped Deathmatch.).

Revolution also has some bugfixes and small changes like fixing that weird bug where every hour or so the Lasergun and Tommygun's firerate slows down.

You can also play TFE and TSE as one singular mega-campaign in Revolution. There's also a small bonus campaign I haven't played yet called Bright Island which has some new enemies.

Personally I think Classic/Revolution has better gameplay than HD. Don't know why, just gunplay and the game engine feels tighter. Although classic SS still has some gripes. (To reach a secret level in classic you need to ride on a pendulum which took me about an hour of quicksave loading to make the jump. In HD it's just a teleport. The engine isn't very good at platforming.)

HD/Fusion is still good though. I just prefer Classic but I am not saying HD/Fusion is bad.
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