Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

neogunhero May 23, 2020 @ 4:27pm
Revolution or Fusion?
It's a bit complicated to me. Serious Sam Revolution is both the First and Second Encounter together, while Fusion is those two plus Serious Sam 3.

Revolution seems to get much more regular updates, at least in terms of the Steam news posts they make. Fusion could be getting updates they just don't announce, I'm not sure.

Overall, what is the better game to play First and Second Encounter? Also, which has better Steam Workshop mods?
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Funny Rat May 23, 2020 @ 8:04pm 
Revolution is the original games from 2001 and 2002.
Fusion has the HD remakes from 2009 and 2010 (plus SS3)

At this point neither game really gets any updates. They came back and updated Revolution a bit after years of silence but the game is in a pretty good place now so it remains to be seen if we will have any more updates.
As for Fusion, to my knowledge it's all pretty much working. I don't remember ever having issues running it.

As for what to play, that's up to you. If you want to play the HD games then play Fusion.
If you want to play the originals then you can either run the classic games on steam or you can run Revolution which combines the games and gives you workshop.

I don't normally use many mods so I can't really speak for workshop support but my guess would be that Fusion has more support.
Dextrose May 23, 2020 @ 9:11pm 
It's mostly up to preference really. I somewhat stylistically prefer the classics in some ways and prefer HD in a few others. However, HD/Fusion have some other problems compared to the classics unless you mod it. Although fusion feel to me a little bit snappier since the classics seem to have a slight amount of input delay for some reason.
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Varun21 Apr 16 @ 5:20am 
I'd recommend Fusion without any doubt, Fusion has better Steam Workshop mods in my opinion. Revolution's un-optimized, you'd need some workarounds if you want to play it lag free, so, that's why it wouldn't be dismal to play Fusion, Fusion also consists of some bugs and is in ''beta'' state currently, Croteam said it'll return to it someday soon, but let's hope, but Fusion's just better than Revolution, in my opinion.
slider86 Apr 17 @ 10:25am 
Last time I played Revolution the extra maps still felt broken.
Varun21 Apr 17 @ 10:34am 
Originally posted by slider86:
Last time I played Revolution the extra maps still felt broken.
Agreed, when was the last time you played them?
slider86 Apr 19 @ 5:47pm 
Originally posted by Varun21:
Agreed, when was the last time you played them?
Varun21 Apr 20 @ 12:58am 
Bright Island is still trash.
Varun21 Apr 22 @ 12:55am 
Agreed, Dark Island is better.
slider86 Apr 22 @ 2:45pm 
Originally posted by puddingtopf:
Bright Island is still trash.
So nothing changed then. :steamlaughcry:
Varun21 Apr 23 @ 1:01am 
Nope, noting's changed, there was an update in 2021 few months ago, in December, didn't notice anything other than that Christmas hat Sam wore, lol.
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