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Full Black Screen? Click Here!
Instead of the half black screen problem there is also a full black screen where music plays but no video appears. Here are the steps:

1) Right Click Dragon's Lair and click Properties
2) Go to Local Files tab and click Browse Local Files
3) Right Click DragonsLair.exe and click Properties
4) Click Compatibility tab
5) Under Settings Check "Reduced Color mode" and set it to 16bit or even 8bit.
6) Run game.
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This is not an option for Win 7/64bit. It lets you choose 256 colors, but all that does it leaves me hanging on a pink screen instead of a black one.

Anyone else with the full black screen issue find a solution? I know it's an old game, but I thought that actually buying a copy (instead of trying to rig a solution via Daphne) would yield a game that actually worked...

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Edit (Solved/Identified): Figured out what is actually happening. My computer shares my screen to my TV downstairs via HDMI. For whatever reason my computer monitor goes black, but the game is showing on the TV.

If you're having the full black screen issue and the OP's solution didn't work for you, check your monitor settings to ensure that your computer doesnt think there's some second monitor someplace acting as a clone of your primary. Even if the second one is powered off, the game will still come up with black screen.

Sadly for me, the developers promised controller support three months ago and never followed through, so while I can see the game down there -- my Xbox controller does me no good to control it. And while having my wife sit at the keyboard upstairs while I shout commands to her might seem like a good teambuilding exercise, it's not exactly what I hoped for in purchasing the game.

Perhaps if someone with control of this mess of a game sees my post they could implement a fix?

Note: I know I can use an external program to map my controller to keyboard commands, and I know I can disconnect/disable my TV connection. I'm not going to mess up my setup to accomodate a 20 year old game I just paid for.
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