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Shizukanaumi 2013年8月7日上午1:27
Black Screen with music and mouse?
Dragon's Lair launches in to a black screen, the music plays in the background and I can move the mouse, but the game never loads.

I've tried uninstalling the security update mentioned in another post, compatibility modes, as well as installing the K-lite codec pack on another posts recommendation, but nothing has worked so far. On Windows 8.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Tronk 2013年8月11日上午11:47 
I'm getting the same thing, except I'm using Windows 7.
lordbender 2013年8月27日下午12:18 
I've got the same problem and couldn't figure out a solution...
I have windows 8.1 preview, but as far as I understand, the problem is not related to the OS.

I tried several resolutions and configuration... no luck! :(

Hope in an official reply since I got the same problem on Space Ace which is out today...
Shizukanaumi 2013年8月27日下午12:26 
A strange update to my original post: it seems that while I'm seeing a black screen on my primary monitor, the game is launched and working fine on my second monitor. It seems to default there for some reason.
Do the rest of you also have second monitors hooked up but turned off? Hopefully this gives the developer a good head start on locating the source of the problem.
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lordbender 2013年8月27日下午12:37 
Yes I do have two montiors, but sadly that one of the things I tried before even unplugging one of them... I still got black screen only with mouse on the main monitor (or the only monitor plugged).

I also tried to disable sli and some other configuration on the nvidia panel without any luck.

Thank you anyway for your reply!
lordbender 2013年8月28日下午12:40 
Hi guys, I found a workaround that is working for me :)
I tried several things, but the actual workaround is extremely simple: just right click on the game exe file (default installation is in program files/steam/steamapps/common/dragon's lair)

then proprieties -> compatibility

from there just check the "reduced color mode" and set it to 16bit (also 8 bit works of course).

thats it, now it is working fine. Hope this helps!
Russ 2013年9月2日下午2:16 
Thanks, lordbender. That worked for me, too.
Vandemark 2013年10月26日下午5:38 
You can use the "Windows Key" +P to pull up a super handy configuration tool- I had the same problem with two monitors and found that choosing "duplicate" cures it.
.:. FrENzy .:. 2013年12月4日上午5:41 
Thanks for the tip, but it didn´t work for me under Win 8.1 - first it looked good, but it swaps the screen upside down. So first I just thought about rotatiting my monitor for 180 degrees, but the game did not response right, even the taskmanager did not show up, also alt+tab did not work in game, so I had to reboot the pc. Other compatibility settings did not work.
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