Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves

Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves

Great game!
I've been playing Sang Froid the whole day and it's been fun the entire time. I love the graphics style and the music. The gameplay is very satisfying, especially when a plan works out the way you wanted it.

I think the difficulty level is exactly right. If you want a good weapon, you will need to safe on traps which in turn makes the game harder. So the difficulty level is kind of dynamic.

The game runs very stable for an indie release, I had only one problem so far where the loading screen didn't stop. A minor point that I don't like is the awkward pauses during cutscenes: When two characters are in a heated discussion, there's always a short pause before the next recording starts to play, so it doesn't feel fluid.

I would definitely buy it again.
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Hey glad you're enjoying the game!

Which loading screen didn't stop? Reloading fixed the problem I would guess?

We adjusted a couple of things to make the conversations a bit more fluid, I guess it's still a bit delayed.

Thanks for the feed back, and I hope you continue enjoying the game :)

Excellent, excellent, excellent game! I am thoroughly enjoying it, and can't wait to get deeper into it. I hope you guys continue to support this with updates, new features, levels, etc.

Voice acting - another story. Not so good. Cheesy at best. I know this is an indie game, and I apologize if you used friends, family, and yourselves for the voices, but, sheesh, at least Josephine should be able to pronounce "candelabra" correctly. I say this all tongue-in-cheek, but feedback is feedback, so I'm giving some. Weakest part of the game, and that's a good thing, because the important parts are outstanding!

[Edit] I just wanted to say that the tutorial voiceover is wonderful. Well done there.
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Yeah we are looking into adding a voice over feature in the options (may or may not be added at this point in time, but we are looking at it). If it happens, it will have 3 options to play with; English, French, or no voice over, so at least the choice will be there.
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Hey glad you're enjoying the game!

Which loading screen didn't stop? Reloading fixed the problem I would guess?

Yep reloading fixed it. I think it was on the December 17th mission (first Windigos). Haven't had a problem since then.
Oh you couldn't load the night anymore... Strange.
I agree, great game, very unique, especially with the music and setting. I wish combat was a bit more fluid and polished, but it is still fun considering it's a low budget title.

I would like to mention though the 2 things that really hold this game back for me as being "reallly" great.

#1. Cut-scenes/dialog.
It's not just the voice acting is't top-notch, but it's also the mood. The dialog doesn't appropriately potray the dread and survival of this game. It's just not very well done. It makes it very hard to take the game seroius, compared to the actual gameplay where you are huddled up to a bonefire while giant wolves circle you. I would have much rather had 2D hand-drawn still shots accompanied by text more like a comic book. I jujst think poor writing sounds even worse when it's read aloud to you ;D I realize budget constrants, but I wonder if sometimes maybe no voice acting is better than bad voice acting.

#2. Will-O-the-Wisp.
I just hate the art design of this creature. You read the discription of what this games version of a Will-o-the-Wisp is and you are that's bad-♥♥♥. And then you look at the, they look like flying party favors. This is more of a personl taste thing, but this monster just feels out of place compared to everything else in this game. If it was possible to "go back to the drawing board", I would love to see it done with this creature.

I do like this game and hope it's a big sucess for you guys so perhaps someday we can see a sequal that will improve on this idea and setting even more.
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Thanks for all the comments; we really appreciate it!
Seconded. Great game look forward to future titles!
Well the voice acting is just amasing... in frenc :x I guess it would need to find someone great for the english part too heh. But i agree the game is great and i can't wait to see more from Artifice Studio. They prove, once again, that Québec is a great place for game devs. And once again they make me proud of my land :D
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