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Ironwatsas Jul 15, 2013 @ 12:21pm
Fortress Watsas Shipyards
Having expanded from KSP and Garrysmod with our fine selection of advanced spacecraft, Fortress Watsas has begun it's own line in Kinetic Void. Here are some of our newest ships so far, from smallest to largest.

181i PeeWee

Role: Shuttle Craft
Faction: Civilian
Weapons: None

The shuttle pod commonly known as "PeeWee" is a civilian ship, used primarily for moving around starbases, between larger ships, landing on asteroids, and various other mundane duties. It is not particularly durable and isn't designed for any sort of combat.

Type-EXF1 Class

Role: Testbed/Light Fighter
Faction: Imperial
Weapons: (x2) Type-12 kinetic turrets.

The first ship manufactured under Fortress Watsas contract as an experimental hull to test various systems. The early prototype was lost to a Space Kraken attack, and some attempts to expand on the design are being made, but it is somewhat unsuitable for fighter combat due to low armor and manuverability.

Type-14 Interceptor (Valariin)

Role: Interceptor
Faction: Imperial
Weapons: (x1) Type-33 Quad-C turret

The main light interceptor of the Imperial Navy; The Type-14 is used in large numbers to counter enemy fighter forces and patrol Imperial airspace. It is a relatively basic, lightweight, and easy to fly vessel, and fits the Imperialist philosiphy of swarms of small, lightweight fighters flown by conscript pilots.

F-13 Scutter

Role: Fighter
Faction: Corporate/Civilian
Weapons: (x2) DC-11 Gun turret, (x2) DC-25 Gun turret

The small and lightweight Scutter interceptor is a standard fighter used originally during the Corporate wars: The current generation models were modified from leftover surplus, and sold to the general public as well as mercenary and corporate fleets. It's primary uses are anti-pirate, counter-insurgency, and general purpose transport. It sacrifices armor and firepower for speed and low-cost operation.

Tech-1 Mantis

Role: Light Freighter
Faction: Civilian
Weapons: (x1) Dual-C Turret for defense

A medium freighter pod used for various transport purposes, it is larger then comprable models, but smaller then the common Hauler and Mule series. It is, however, considerably cheaper while still being a generally efficient design. It's engines use advanced thrust vectoring for superior manuverability should it encounter pirates or need to manuver in tight spaces such as station hangars.

370i-FT Hwabiat

Role: Light Freighter
Faction: Civilian
Weapons: None

A small freight transport, and the chief compeditor to Kappa Spaceworks "Bon" model, it is a very successful design, featuring enhanced cargo capacity and an adaptable, easier to fly design at the cost of crew comfort and limited potential for growth. It's small size makes it affoardable to many freelancers and small-time shippers as well, making it ubiquitous in the space-lanes.


Role: Freighter
Faction: GEDF/Kappa Spaceworks/Civilian
Weapons: (x1) Danmakufu-Type 6 dual turret.

Kappa Spaceworks' entry level freighter and another ubiquitous design. The Bonfreighter is a relatively new and somewhat unorthodox design, with an asymetric cockpit and a forward space dedicated to crew comfort. It is, however, quite successful. Popular for long-haul inter-sector trade missions and conversion into a passenger vessel. It also has limited defensive armarment.

Pirate Rifter

Role: Assault Ship
Faction: Pirates
Weapons: (x6) Fixed 100mm APX-KE cannons, (x2) KE "Shredder mk1" turrets, (x2) KE "Barrager" turrets in rear mounts

A deadly ship of unknown origin used primarily by space pirates and various unlawfuls. The Rifter is a powerful corvette-class ship, who's primary purpose is as a long-range raider. They will typically attack defenseless transports with overwhelming firepower, and are more than a match for most military fighters. It is unknown how many of these ships are in regular pirate use.


Role: Very heavy fighter/Assault Ship
Faction: Vaygr (though some have been seen in Pirate hands)
Weapons: Varies

Very little is known about this ship, as it has only recently appeared. It appears to be a scaled up version of an old Bomber class ship, used mainly as an assault fighter. Typically deployed in large wolfpacks and used to clear out enemy defenses. It's main weakness is that it seems overbuilt and slow, and can be outmanuvered by lighter fighters.

Cargobob Freighter

Role: Freighter
Faction: Civilian
Weapons: (x2) Type-10 DC turret

A medium freight vessel, used primarily for mid-sized supply shipments. It has a modular array of external cargo canisters, which can easily be swapped and detached to allow quick turnaround at destinations. It also has roomy crew accomidations and limited defensive capability.

Type-XVII Freighter

Role: Freighter/Military Supply
Faction: Imperial (Merchant marine)
Weapons: (x2) Type-2 LT gun turret

A civilian freighter acquired for use by the Imperial military, it's main purpose is to supply capital ships and move low-priority bulk war materiel. It is mainly suited for peacetime operations, as it is a very thin-skinned vessel, and not suited to any form of combat. It must be escorted to protect it from pirates or raiders.


Role: Fire support
Faction: Various
Weapons: (x2) 307mm 75K

The Monitor follows a very simple formula: Take a frigate sized hull and put Battleship-sized guns on it. The resulting ship is a relatively unwieldy, single-purpose vessel designed mainly as a poor-mans' solution for marauding capital ships. It is used mainly in situations where normal system patrol craft wouldn't have the firepower to deal with the given threat, or to support fighters and frigates against very large targets. It's main weakness is a lack of anti-fighter protection, and relatively vulnerable engines.

Kabtaut-III FFK

Role: Assault Frigate
Faction: Vaygr
Weapons: (x3) FC-1 Flechette Cannon, (x3) autolock CIWS Autocannon

A dangerous frigate class ship used by Vaygr raiders. It is a swift and deadly design, mainly used in large wolfpacks to clear out enemy fighters, attack convoys, or respond to counter-offensives. While somewhat underpowered compared to older designs, they have a dangerous reputation for well-coordinated attacks in large numbers.

DD Asher

Role: Light Destroyer
Faction: Various
Weapons: (x6) ORCA cannon

A light but incredibly fast and manuverable destroyer for it's size, the Asher is obsolete in main-line service but used widely as a defense and patrol vessel. Despite it's obsolescance, a ship of it's size and manuverability can be quite intimidating to the average pirate. It is also easily adaptable into a transport and useful for base defense.

DD Hakogyokorou

Role: 1st Line Destroyer
Faction: GEDF
Weapons: (x6) Type-9 Antiship Cannons, (x6) Danmakufu Type-3 Intermediate Defense Battery

Much more powerful than most comprable destroyers, the Hakogyokorou class is both manuverable, well protected, and powerful. Designed for front-line fleet engagements and heavy combat, capable of out-pacing many Frigates and some fighter class ships. It's main weakness is a vulnerable dorsal superstructure.

Vanh-Kanh class Heavy Transport

Role: Bulk Transporter
Faction: Civilian/Corporate
Weapons: None

A cruiser-sized cargo vessel, mainly used for bulk cargo shipping between industrial centers. It is mainly used by larger shipping companies and wealthy freelancers to ship loose cargoes like ore, water, fuel cells, and oxygen canisters, though it can be fitted with container management systems and bulkheads for smaller loads.
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StateOfRageNGrace Jul 15, 2013 @ 12:28pm 
Gotta love the PeeWee - simultaneous Awwwww and urgent need to sneak up on a fleet of them in a Stealth BladeClaw and watch the pilots faces as the shadow drops over them...
Emperor Solaris Jul 21, 2013 @ 6:45am 
damn awesome jb man! i can't seems to find a good way to fit pieces togeter to make nice design like yours mine always look way too bulky ...
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