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It is worth it/ What is it like? Here's the answer!
This thread will be talking about this subject.

For those wondering, I am not a Dev, but merely one of the forums administrators.

This thread is to inform people who aren't sure whether to buy it or not, and not to say this game is bad or incomplete.

First of all, we'll talk about the actual state of the game. I've seen numerous posts saying that the game is incomplete and people shouldn't buy it. While this may be a good argument, the store page clearly states that the game is in alpha stage, which means it is not feature complete.

An Alpha stage is the first steps towards any program, whether it is a game or not. Meaning the first features are being implemented and tested. The Alpha stage is the longest stage in development, and every (or almost all) features are put it and tested to make sure that they work correctly. This is currently the position that the Devs are in: implementing new features, testing them and releasing to public and so forth.

Alpha stage means lower prices as well. As the game is unfinished, it is currently "under sale", as who would pay full price for an unfinished game?. The game currently is sold at 20.00 USD, 33% under its release price, which will be 30$. The final release cost, as I have said, will be 30$ which, in my opinion and the Devs as well, should be the actual cost for the game. A game with this many features and this much time put into it could not be sold for a lower cost.

|||||Right now, the features include:

Ship Builder
Faction Framework including 10 factions
Basic Flight AI
Kinetic Weapons
Most of the ship modules
Procedural Galaxy generation
Procedural Planet generation
Second dev version UI
Access to all current ship modules for testing
Microwarp Drive for interplanetary travel
Save State functionality (very basic)

For more information on the current features and future ones, go to this thread:


Now let's talk about the actual game. [Future and now] This game is a Spaceship Simulator Sandbox. Meaning that once you start the game, a new universe is created, as big as you want, with as many factions as you want. The first thing that will happen is you are sent to the shipyard where you can create your very own ship. Right now, there is only a creative mode, meaning there are no limitations. In the near future there will be a mode where you will have limited resources to make your ship, and you will get more by earning them in game.

One your ship is finished and you launch it, the universe is yours. You will spawn in a Sector (Sectors are Solar Systems) controlled by an unknown faction, in unexplored universe. What can you do after, is to you to decide. You could be a mercenary, working for factions at war, or working for the trading companies, trying to defend these convoys. Or maybe you could be a merchant? Or a miner? Whatever you would like to do is possible, but beware, every action as an impact.

If you make a bad reputation with some factions... they might hate you so much that they would shoot on sight, but if you make a good one, they might even try to help you if you are in danger.

However, I repeat, however, you will not be able to control factions or other ships. The game is centered around yourself and your actions in the universe and the only ships you will be able to control/give orders to drones/fighters that carriers will be able to carry.

All interactions (or almost all) will have impacts on the galaxy around you. Things like mining and trading shouldn't have a very noticeable impact on your reputation. (It might have, imagine mining in a secret territory of a faction or selling goods to a blockaded planet)

Other interactions though, will have an immense impact. Such as bombarding planets or blockading them, attacking faction freighters or just directly taking the fight into their face.

The actual things you can do are almost infinite. There will be missions in the game, given at stations, by the planets’ inhabitants or by factions. It is possible that missions will be moddable from the Steam Workshop as well, giving even more possibilities.

Like I said earlier, things like mining will be possible. There will be different minerals, each with certain properties and costs. These costs will vary depending of the needs of each sectors, meaning the game will have a auto-generated economy that will vary. Special events, such as bombardments, blockades and natural disasters will affect the production and demand of goods as well.

Now for some Q&A

Q: Will you be able to walk into your ship?
A: No. This would take too much time to actually implement in the game and as each ship is unique it would make things even worse.

Q: Will you be able to land on planets?
A: Pretty much the same answer as before. No. Each planet is made randomly and making a map for each random possibility would be... too much work.

Q: Are you able to have your own faction?
A: No. The game is centered around yourself and the consequences of your action in the universe.

Q: Will there be shields?
A: There is already something similar to this in the game called the Kinetic Field.

Q: Will the game be moddable?
A: The Devs are working on implementing the Workshop to the game. So yes it will be moddable. However, what content will be moddable is unknown yet.

Q: Will there be a multi-player?
A: Yes. A multiplayer will come post-release. The system is not yet planned but the Devs are planning for something similar to what minecraft has done.

Q: I have more questions that weren't answered. What do I do?
A: Just post them here, or in the question section of the forum and someone will try to answer you!

Should you buy the game? I cannot make this decision for you. I've put what this game is and will be, and hope that helps you. I hope that like me, will like this game. The only person who should make the decision is you, and if you are unsure, this is where this thread comes into play.

Please, bear in mind; no one wants anyone to talk trash about the game. If there is something you don't like, you can post, as long as it is constructive.

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Vril 2 iul., 2013 @ 14:48 
For the most part is the similar state the game was in a year ago when you did your Kickstarter. Do not take this the wrong way, I understand these things take time, I am a software developer as well but taking peoples money for what is currently available without the ability for a refund, which I understand is a Steam issue and not yours, is a little disingenuous. Most early access games list what their current features are in the item description, Kinetic Void does not and you will find most customers do not visit a forum unless they want to vent their anger. Which is likely why there is a lot of resentment it seems among purchasers of the game. I wish you guys success but I feel like you are biting off more than you can chew and definitely regret my purchase because while there are seemingly weekly updates, true features that would make this game "fun" have not been added.

With that said, when I purchased the game I expected a little more than just a ship builder and the ability to fly around an empty galaxy. I think focus needs to be made for making the galaxy that is generated actually interesting because it doesn't matter how cool the procedural generator creates a galaxy if there is nothing to do in it.
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Dakili 2 iul., 2013 @ 15:16 
Postat inițial de Blast:
Nice to see the devs active with us here on the steam forums.
I have to thank you LumberingTroll (PSL nice name) For personally informing us of the current state of the game, and current direction of development.

I have decided to purchase the game in hopes that my early investment pays off with a great game. As getting it cheaper now seems like a good idea.

Please don't drop the project or fail to meet your promised content, as that would reflect badly on any future projects.

Best of luck to you and your staff.

I'm glad we have one more person in the community! I give you a warm welcome!

If you have any suggestion to improve the game, don't be shy.
If you see it as a kickstarter or a great discount for a future game, buy it now. But don't expect too much of the game in it's current state, It's not really 'playable' at the moment.
Dakili 2 iul., 2013 @ 15:19 
Postat inițial de markornikov:
If you see it as a kickstarter or a great discount for a future game, buy it now. But don't expect too much of the game in it's current state, It's not really 'playable' at the moment.

This is what Alpha State means. It is playable, just not necessarily to your content.
Varacka 2 iul., 2013 @ 15:39 
At this time no. The reason being the over complicatedness of the ship builder. The lack of discriptions for each module (or parts in general call it what you wish) makes it confusing. However as it's alpha I use the language "At this time". As it should be with any game at this stage. Things are subject to change.

Note: I have not played this in a month or 2. As such my view may be slightly outdated.
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DW 2 iul., 2013 @ 15:41 
What is it TB always says when he is testing games... "Alpha is alpha".
Planning to purchase a copy since I find it interesting, and the dev seems to very involved in keeping the community up to speed :-)
Varacka 2 iul., 2013 @ 15:43 
Postat inițial de LumberingTroll:
Tutorails and streamlined interface will come as we finalize more systems, I admit it is a little confusing but there are a couple guides here on the Community Hub that will explain things.
Thats fine. Then at that time I plan to shout out about this game to the heavens. However at this time. Not so much. Keep up the good work though :)
Varacka 2 iul., 2013 @ 15:47 
Postat inițial de LumberingTroll:
Postat inițial de <(TG)>Varacka:
Thats fine. Then at that time I plan to shout out about this game to the heavens. However at this time. Not so much. Keep up the good work though :)

No problem I understand your standpoint, and was providing counter information is all. Thanks for your feedback.
I was accepting your counter information. Thanks. :)
Postat inițial de LumberingTroll:
Please keep all discussion in here relevant to Kinetic Void, the game proper.
Hey man i can understand you but you won't get anything if the game has no potencial. I mean of course this game is at alpha stage but,20$ for a really poor "game" ain't good either.
Please do a free weekend event or go with the price down.
20? I just bought it for 10, its on sale atm
hey, i was reading and it looks like this game will be fun when it is done. but as i read it reminds me of evochron mercenary, which i enjoyed. how does this game compair? and will there/ or is there a sence of entering planits?
Dakili 2 iul., 2013 @ 16:16 
Postat inițial de The System Man:
hey, i was reading and it looks like this game will be fun when it is done. but as i read it reminds me of evochron mercenary, which i enjoyed. how does this game compair? and will there/ or is there a sence of entering planits?

It has a lot of similar feature as evochron mercenary but not everything.

Not you will not be able. it might be possible, I say might, for a mod to do something in the workshop though.
This game looks like it has so much potential. I am going to grab it as it is on sale. Please as others stated, do not drop out of development because this game just looks like it could be so big. Have you ever heard of Evochron Mercenary? Hear me out guys. That game (Dont quote me if Im wrong) has a bunch of planets that I think are randomly generated and you can enter the field and land. I am saying that sure It will take time but this game looks like so much more that, that will add so much more immersity to the game. Walking in the ship would be great. You should work on that slowly. Those features should be last but please impliment them. Having your own faction and managing ships would take this to a simulator. I would love to have a cockpit view or bridge (I think it is called) view in your ships to immerse you.. this ties in to walking around. I am faithful that you guys can do ANYTHING with this game. Please. Do not hold back because of time. I am pretty patient and so should all other great gamers. Patience equals greatness. Again, thanks for taking your time for making such a unique game. If you need suggestions.. Im your man ;) I love suggesting things.
It would be cool if I didnt have to restart the game every 5 minutes because the controls stop working.
Postat inițial de FarawayJunk:
It would be cool if I didnt have to restart the game every 5 minutes because the controls stop working.
This is first time I've head of this. Please post a but report on it so the devs can see it.
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