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Shmaba 2013年6月11日上午9:05
Design a Ship Contest! (contest finished)
**Contest is over!***
Thank you everyone for participating!

Design A Ship Contest

Hello everyone, I'm one of the artists for Kinetic Void and I'm here to announce a contest that the whole community can take part in.

We're looking for best looking ships you can design using the Shipyard. The theming and look of them is up to you, just make it look awesome!
The chosen designs will be turned into illustrations and later will be used as Steam Trading Cards for the community to share and collect!(Click for more info on Steam's Trading Cards)

We will be choosing winning designs for each ship size classification:
  • Light Fighter
  • Fighter
  • Heavy Fighter
  • Frigate
  • Destroyer
  • Escort Cruiser
  • Cruiser
  • Battleship
  • Capital
  • Dreadnought

To submit to the contest all you need to do is take a screenshot and share it on Steam in the Screenshots section.
You can make and submit as many designs as you want to the contest. People in the community can also help with the judging by giving images a thumbs up. The more popular a ship design is the better chance it has to be selected!

*Please be sure to label the ship's classification and use "contest" in the description so we know you're submitting and know what category it belongs in for judging. If it does not list the classification then it will not be counted, since we won't know which category it fits in.

**Please don't submit ships to the contest that may conflict with existing copyright. (X-Wing, the Enterprise, etc...) It's fine outside the contest and feel free to do so for your own enjoyment, but for this contest we want to focus on our community's own creativity with the Shipyard.

This contest will end June 24th. At which point we will go through the screenshots section and decide the winners. We will contact the winners and will probably want some more screenshots of the winning design to work off of.

Any questions, comments, or anything else you have to say can be discussed here.
最后由 Shmaba 编辑于; 2013年6月25日上午7:54
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Vaa 2013年6月11日下午1:50 
That sounds fun. One question though, if we're just doing this through screenshots do we want to have an agreed upon search term to be included in the screenshot descriptions so we can filter for contest entries? E.g. 'contest'. Potentially the ship size classification could be used however it would find all screenshots so labeled, not just the ones submitted specifically for this contest.
HER0 01 2013年6月11日下午2:22 
Vaa, why can't all screenshots be entered? If they do not want it used, they will just decline when asked.
BlockBadger 2013年6月11日下午3:07 
I've needed an excuse to use the ship builder and now I have one!
Also I'm guessing you can't recreate a copyrighted ship? e.g. x-wing
最后由 BlockBadger 编辑于; 2013年6月11日下午3:07
Shmaba 2013年6月11日下午3:59 
Vaa. That's a good point. It'll make it easier for us on our end as well when searching through the entries. I've edited the post asking for "contest" to be in the description somewhere as well.

HERO 01, I've taken note of the ship designs you've already posted. If they are for the contest then could you please add "contest" to the description?

BlockBadger. Yes, you're correct. I should have mentioned it before. Please don't try to match copyrighted content from other places. It's fine to do so for fun, just don't submit it to the contest.
Dakili 2013年6月11日下午4:07 
Do we submit them here? I'll post a link with the screenshots.. just to make sure.. Ya know.
Shmaba 2013年6月11日下午4:11 
Dakill Post it to the Screenshots section, but you can post a link here if you really want to.
最后由 Shmaba 编辑于; 2013年6月11日下午4:11
Juddge 2013年6月13日上午8:56 
I have no clue how to post pictures on steam (probibly cause ive never tried. im a noob i know)
but here its a drednought its a WIP.
最后由 Juddge 编辑于; 2013年6月13日上午8:56
Dakili 2013年6月13日下午12:15 
引用自 Paul
I have no clue how to post pictures on steam (probibly cause ive never tried. im a noob i know)
but here its a drednought its a WIP.

Everytime you take a screenshot and share it online, it goes into the screenshot section. Just that you can easily skip a picture in that section.. :P
mpx 2013年6月14日下午1:40 
Destroyer. For long range engagements. Equipped with 4x long range front mounted kinetic canons.
Wlzard 2013年6月14日下午8:21 
Sorry about it being an external link, but Steam wasn't letting me take screenshots for some reason.

The Marauder Class Destroyer (contest):
Maxdax5 2013年6月15日上午8:53 
idk how to post pics :(
|iEx|xaubercrow. 2013年6月15日上午9:45 
uhm i just post my Cruiser for the contest here too cause im not sure i uploaded it right lol

i hope u like it :P was a lil bit hard to subsystems all the parts :D but its just the design.
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