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DeltaWidow Oct 28, 2013 @ 5:26pm
Curious about Future AI Vessels and other
First of all, loving the way this game is heading, reminds me of Shores of Hazaron in a slight way. Having good fun with designing ships. Wish the team good luck with any and all upcoming challenges aswell as making this a great game, by the looks you have a great community here willing to back you up when needed.

Now for my few, minor questions!


- Variation of AI vessels the player will encounter throughout the game on final completion. How will this be dealt with and the extent it will go; a mix of the player's creations and default ships (like the few that are in already but on a much larger scale), using subscribed ships via the workshop, or like 'Spore' where every ship loaded onto workshop which is flyable and loaded with mods will be used randomly.

- How far do you plan to go with ship parts? Will you be keeping the pieces you have now until release, will we see more added in the near future, or even after release maybe every month or two a patch containing many new ship parts are released.

- This is related to the above question. Could the workshop be used for something else relating to the creation of ship parts (C&C, Hull pieces, Engines). People using 3D software creating pieces and submitting which can be used for ingame usage (Think of PlayerStudio for SOE; Planetside 2 and Everquest)

- Now I know you plan on having varrying wepeon types; missile, kinetic, energy. But will there be wepeons of these types created only to do specific roles like examples;
_ Point-Defense: Missiles, choice of firing large, accurate missile where only 1 or 2 would be fired or smaller, less accurate missile in volleys of 10 or more. Kinetic, with the ability to choose from flak PD or lead spitting chainguns like: . or even with energy based wepeons using either a focused laser which takes alot of time to destory an incoming object, or like the CIWS by spitting plasma/laser/your choice of what ever at the object.
_ EMP/Ion based wepeon types used to to disable [I don't know if these are used or going to be used] shields, modules, wepeons and engines.
_ Artillary useful against large, slow vessels and long range but rubbish vice versa
_ you get the idea.

And lastly an idea! IF gravity is going to be put in place with planets and other

Anti-Gravitational plates module or either a piece which must be on the bottom of the ship, they use a lot of energy as they are and the more mass they have to carry the more energy sharply rises, my brains gone poo brain and can't really describe it or put into words but the use of more then one anti-grav plate gives more control when inside a gravitational pull and all the intial energy cost of more plates after you have 1 already installed is cut back by 1/3 or 1/2.

All I got for the mo' as it's too late for me too think of anything else ^^

Thanks and hope to see your masterpieces in the workshop!

PS. I haven't seen anything hinting at it but will there be anything related to multi/co-op play in the final version or strictly SP?
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Dakili Oct 28, 2013 @ 8:39pm 
I can answer a few of these.

The current system for the ships is the system that will be used. Each faction will have its folders for ship and they will use them as they want (if no ship are in the folder, they will use the ship folder, which means your ships)

More ships parts will be seen of course. LT stated he will work in a module creator within the game, meaning people will be able to create their own modules themselves. Which add an infinite of possibilities.

Each weapon will have different ammo or kind of speciality. But some weapons are of course better in certain roles than others.

If I remember, there will be no gravity. Adding gravity would add even more complexity to the physics of the game and I doubt the Devs want to do it, at least for now.

After the release, the Devs will try to work on a multiplayer. This might be free or with a little cost (it depends in how much profit the base game gave). As for what LT told me, a system similar to what minecraft use is probably what they will be going towards. Meaning you will need a deprecate program which will control the galaxy. And from the base game you will be able to join it.
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