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DethBringa Dec 31, 2013 @ 3:50pm
Suggestions - a list of some improvement I think would be good.
After playing the game for a bit I have had a few ideas on improvements. They may already be in the works but if not some consideration on them may be a good thing. Since I'm a complete noob to this game some of these could already be added and I've missed something or quite possibly I'm doing something wrong.
I need to stop comparing this to Freelancer and Kerbal Space Program in my head. Although it seems this game takes the best of both and mashes them together in an awesome way.

1) The engine thrust? bar.
When you power up your engines you see the bar grow from left to right to show the amount of thrust altho when you have a negative thrust (in reverse) theres no way of telling the amount. You cant tell if your thrust is 0 or in reverse. adding maybe a different colour to the thrust bar for reverse thrust might be good. At the moment it is blue but having it grow left to right the same as it currently does but in red to show reverse would be a good addition.

2) Relative velocity marker.
With the K field turned off it can be hard to intercept a spacebase and you end up circling. Having a releative velocity marker for your target (selected target, not marked target C) would mean you could see your current path relavent to the target. For example, heading towards a base but being off to one side even though you are facing the base would show a marker off to the left meanign you are drifting off to the left so thrusting to the right to align this marker on to your target makes for ease of rendevous. Also this would be handy for flyby of things like asteroids so you can get close without an impact.

3) Weapon information.
Currently you can see a speed number but relative to what I have no idea. Maybe having stats on the weapons like Damage, Type of damage, Shots/sec, Damage/sec. would make it easier to compare weapons. I dont know if there are different types of damage for different weapons as I havent played enough but I imagine there would be.

4) Combat weapon information.
Currently I cant see anyway of telling if my guns are even going to work against an enemy. The only way I can currently see is to shoot the crap out of an enemy for a good 5-10mins and see if they take damage. If they don't I wonder why not. There is no information on whether my guns are effective against their shields. Maybe an enemy sheild bar or a damage readout or something so I can see how much damage is being inflicted to shields or hull or both.

I may add more as I come across it but I'd like to get a little feedback on whether I'm barking up the wrong tree or if these are good ideas or even if they are already in the planning.

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Kaypix Dec 31, 2013 @ 4:25pm 
Thank you so much for all these great suggestions :-) I will pass them along to the guys for you.
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