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TFJ 2013年11月24日上午7:08
New update
Game has just been updated!

There's a teaser for the first add-on campaign (Dmitry's Rise) and more importantly, a new card has been added as a reward for completing the last level of the NewGame+ Campaign.

It's Dimitry's Ironclad from the last level.

9 AP
8 health
2 VPs

Legendary (you can only have one in your deck)
Is pre equipped with Symbol of Authority.
最后由 TFJ 编辑于; 2013年11月24日上午7:08
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Btw, we love this game. Just saying. Good work! ;)
krispykrem  [开发者] 2013年11月24日下午12:49 
Thanks, Deadmeat!
ZoeZoe 2013年11月24日下午2:25 
G R E A T O !!
Clownsanity 2013年11月24日下午2:27 
Nice! Ehy guys add me for coop :).
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Ironclad Tactics > 综合讨论 > 主题详情